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This month’s theme is “self-love”, including topics such as “Instagram and the self-love revolution” and “how fitness influencers are changing the conversation we have with our bodies” – find out more about the event here.

Today we asked our speakers about inspiring their followers to prioritise self-love

Emily Warbuton-Adams (@English_Ems)

I try to inspire and motivate self love through initiating reflection and questions combined with tips and helpful links / exercises. We’re all individuals and the focus on generic methods and trends that are fuelled by our tendency to compare and copy don’t bring successful results. They draw us away from listening and acknowledging what is right for us so I try to promote independent thought whilst supplying guidance and motivation.

Ban Hass (@banhass)

Don’t allow another person to question your self-worth.

Your worth doesn’t decrease because of something someone says. It doesn’t decrease because someone decides to break up with you. It does not decrease because someone no longer wants to be your friend. Your self worth isn’t validated by numbers. Not by the number on the scale. Not by the number of likes you receive. And not by the number of followers you have.

Sarah Malcolm (@sarahmalcs)

It’s so important that the message is shared to love the skin you are in. I used to spend hours scrolling through beautiful images of beautiful women and would obsess over them with my friends and it even got to the point where I’d see my friends with those air-brushed, unrealistic images on their phone backgrounds as a constant reminder to look that way!

That’s when it dawned on me how destructive that outlook was and I knew that as my following grew, I had to challenge those images and push for women to love themselves as they are.

I suffer from poly cystic ovary syndrome so naturally it is harder for me to lose weight, so instead I work out and eat to make my body feel good and feel loved, rather than punished. And I encourage my followers to do the same. Self acceptance is so overwhelmingly important and should be at the heart of what we all feel.

Hannah (@hannahrosecluley)

I just try to be as open as possible with my own journey. And through being open and telling my story, I hope that people can take something from that and transfer it into their own lives. That’s how I use my platform, to share my journey and hopefully inspire others who can see some of their own journey in mine.

For example, I can get very easily injured, not just with my knee but it seems to be a tendency my body has, but I explain to my followers that I recognise through this my body is telling me maybe I’m pushing it too hard. And in turn I’m kind to my body, and kind to myself by not seeing it as a inadequacy.

Laura Hoggins (@bicepsanbronzer)

I think its important to consistently and genuinely rock what you own! Those things that are unique, celebrate it. Don’t highlight it as ‘different’, its just you doing YOU! I think it’s important for me to show my confidence in myself physically. I work very hard on myself and I am very proud of what I achieve in the gym and out. I also share a lot of my ‘fails’ and stacked lifts, and I am constantly taking the Mickey out of myself, I think its super important to show I don’t take myself too seriously.

You have to have some fun with it, be passionate about what you do, but try to laugh a little every day (even if its at my own expense).

Michelle Elman (@scarrednotscared)

I encourage self-love in my followers most, by leading by example. I don’t believe you should ever preach self-love and if you aren’t embodying it yourself, then the advice you give is really hollow. It is not my place to tell you what self-love for you is, all I can tell you is what it means to me and how I embody it and let that serve as an example.

Leila Silva (@healthier_leila)

I encourage my followers to believe in themselves and learn that become comfortable within their own skin, to understand that what they see on social media and magazine isn’t ‘real life’. That they can be who they want to be an not be faced with being what society wants them to be. It’s important to me that those that follow me feel, educated, inspired and empowered when they head to my page!

Kitty Underhill (@kittyunderhillx)

I encourage self love to my followers by getting them to question the status quo. We learn to hate ourselves by default, and this is due to what society teaches us about how we should and shouldn’t be, which is so entrenched in racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia and so much more.

In my posts, I hope to make them think critically about what they have learnt, and start to question it.

What we have learnt about bodies in particular is so poisonous and the best way to start unlearning it is just by starting the conversation, and hearing someone criticise it for what it is. I try my best to do that for my followers.

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This month’s theme is “self-love”, including topics such as “Instagram and the self-love revolution” and “how fitness influencers are changing the conversation we have with our bodies”: find out how to get your ticket or get them below.