We caught up with Aimee Gaudin, Events planner at The Hoxton, to get her top tips on how to organise a sell-out event.

My job as part of the Brand team at The Hoxton revolves around organising events for The Hoxton, Shoreditch and The Hoxton, Holborn in our Apartment space. I source cool brands in London to come in and do pop-ups, talks, workshops and lots more.

When organising a successful event, you have to learn that no matter how much you plan, no matter how organised you are, something will go wrong. It’s just how you deal with it that matters.

There are three things that make a successful event: a good crowd, flowing drinks and an ever-present host.

When I’m choosing which events to hold at the Hoxton, I just think, what’s happening in London that we can take part in or put our own spin on? I ask myself, what would I like to go to? What’s trending in London? And most importantly, what’s on brand for us? The Hoxton is very much about staying true to the brand.

When it comes to getting the word out about events, social media and pre-event marketing is very important: it’s how we tap into our audience in the most succinct way possible. It is also a means for us to advertise all the cool people we’re working with and encourage them to share the  social media love with us.

The types of events trending in London are constantly changing.

Trend topics come and go all the time – matcha tea, knitting – we’ve seen and done it all! It’s also entirely seasonal; summer sees a huge drop in events as everyone’s on holiday and in January, for instance, we only do fitness events. Everyone’s too broke or feeling the Christmas turkey to do anything else!

We have lots of ways of measuring the success of an event, but the most obvious is feedback either face to face on the night or on social media. I always make a point to approach guests at the end of the event and ask if they enjoyed themselves. It’s incredibly rewarding to hear all their positive feedback and you can learn a lot from the constructive points for future events as well.

Catch one of The Hoxton’s biggest events of the year on Saturday 28th January. Fresh + Fit Fest 2017 is a day packed full of fitness and wellness talks, classes, sample sales, health food markets, kitchen takeovers and beauty pop-ups by Kiehl’s and Cheeky.

The Hoxton, Shoreditch will also be hosting the HBC Health & Blogging Summit on 15th April 2017. Get your tickets here!