This September, the Soil Association will be launching the UK’s biggest celebration of all things organic and their goal is to increase public awareness of the many environmental and health benefits of organic.

The Soil Association is the UK’s leading membership charity campaigning for healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use and they want YOU to be a part of Organic September. They are calling on the UK’s public to commit to making one small change to their weekly shopping basket by switching to organic. The buying decisions we make are a simple but powerful wat of direct action and small changes really can make a big difference.

“Make a small change to your everyday shopping and together we’ll make a big difference.”

Why is it important?

• Organic standards completely ban harmful pesticides such as neonicotinoids, which have been linked to the rapid decline in bee populations. Organic farms have up to 50% more species of birds, bees, butterflies and wildflowers!
• Government tests show that as much as 30% of UK bread contained Glyphosate (a probable Carcinogen which is making its way into our food chain). The Soil Association has called for an immediate ban on pre-harvest use of glyphosate on crops through an online petition which will be sent to the major bread manufacturers and retailers.
• If organic farming was common practice in the UK, we could offset at least 23% of UK agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions through soil carbon sequestration alone!
• Organic standards ban the use of GM plants or crops.

How do I get involved in Organic September?

Last year the campaign had a media reach of over 20million and this year they are aiming for even more coverage so this could be a great opportunity to get your name out there.

They are looking for 15-20 British bloggers to either write a blog post or film a video to be shared on Organic September.

All you need to be considered is good monthly views and a decent social media reach. If this sounds like you, keep reading….
In the first instance, a shortlisted selection of bloggers will be invited to an exclusive event at Whole Foods Market on the 2nd September where you’ll get to meet some top organic brands and sample some of their products. You will also get a goodie bag filled with delicious organic treats that you can take home and enjoy!

What will your small change be?

The soil association have come up with 30 small organic changes that people can make throughout the month but they want to you to be creative and come up with your own suggestions! Find your own way to make a change and share it with your community to educate them about why organic is so important.
Find a funky organic place to eat, a new organic shop to buy your groceries, visit an organic farm, get involved in a community, grow your own organic veg, and tell others about your change.

Apply here by 28th August to be one of the chosen bloggers to be featured on Organic September or check out our opportunities page.

This is a fantastic opportunity to build a relationship with one of the UK’s leading environmental charities and some of the brands they work with whilst also inspiring people to make a positive change whilst reaching a wider audience. Sign up now!

You can also join the #OrganicSeptember thunderclap to help spread the organic word even further.