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Conversations surrounding the rise of AI and ChatBots remind me of the new Marmite advert.

Whether you love it, hate it, or have formed an opinion before you’ve tried it, it’s here to stay.

Tech is changing the world, apparently to enable us to be more human which sounds nice, actually. Current job roles asking people to ‘compute’ at work will be replaced by roles that require us to ‘emote’.
Any brand can have a ChatBot if you have time and willingness to learn, or a budget (lol, nice idea), but without this rule, you probably shouldn’t:

The Rule is: Know your voice

For us, much of 2018 has been and will continue to be about defining and developing your brands tone of voice.
This means making a conscious effort to create a relevant and outstanding personality. For most wellness brands they need to be funny, they need to be useful, they need to be knowledgeable, they need to be thoughtful, and over all the other rules defined in my Conscious Marketing guidelines.
Sadly for you, I haven’t just written out your tone of voice strategy, because most importantly, they need to be unique. (so no, you can’t have ours 😉).
Only you can decide whether you’re more Mindy Kaling or relating to Rupi Kaur.
Here are some places you can look for inspiration tho:
  • We’ve been working super hard on ours at Araminta Marketing this year so sign up to out our mailing list to see if you like it
  • The Sup Betches have some serious #badditude
  • Can’t be a*&^d to write anything? Glossier do everything right and they basically just use suggestive emoji sequences on their Insta.
  • Innocent Smoothies have always been adorable with their nice touches. Ever notice they have ‘stop looking at my bottom’ on the under carriage of their cartons?
  • So many moo puns at #nevergetsold


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