Over Summer the HBC worked closely with OneEarth to promote their latest campaign #OneEarthOneYou across our influencers and match this amazing brand with some awesome content creators. Today we catch up with the founder, Susan, to discuss the role of ambassadors in their campaign and how they are looking to disrupt the superfood industry.

The ‘One You’ element is all about our healthy eating campaign – trying to make healthy and fresh foods fun and make people aware that healthy eating really is about looking after yourself in the long term and just about making you feel good!

Overall, #OneEarthOneYou Campaign is all about introducing the One Earth concept, we only launched 5 months ago and so we are still in the stage of raising awareness about our brand and about the issues we stand for.

The ‘One Earth’ element to the campaign is of course- getting people to remember our name, but also highlighting our ethical side.

We started One Earth in order to bring some transparency to the superfood sector and also to build a social enterprise all about training small-scale farmers in developing countries around climate change adaptation.

Before I started One Earth I worked for various NGOs managing projects on climate change adaptation, natural resource management disaster risk reduction and diversifying livelihoods- so making sure small-scale farmers can adapt to shock and hazards that affect them is really close to my heart.

We see so much news everyday about oceans being polluted with plastic and waste, mass deforestation due to the demand for cocoa, wildlife becoming endangered due to unsustainable palm oil trade. it’s especially acute in the superfood industry from avocados, to maca to quinoa and acai.

From Instagram: @bettinas_kitchen

The only way to stop harmful farming/harvesting practices is to change the way we consume- to consciously choose organic and sustainable sources.

There is only one earth and we must start looking after our eco-systems before it is too late.

This is why everything is our blends is organic and ethically produced.

We are also working on highlighting the health benefits of each of the 6 superfood blends we have – of course, we are doing this in an ethical way too: no dodgy health claims!

How have ambassadors, bloggers and vloggers helped One Earth developing brand awareness for your launch?

We sent out packs of our blends just before we launched in April to what I would call our ‘ambassadors’ – the bloggers and instagrammers who really personify One Earth.

We also give out packs to selected influencers at events and these influencers have really helped develop brand awareness- they include Madaline Shaw who highlighted us in her Instagram stories in June, Alice Livening who we met at the BBC Good Food show and gave her some Chocolate Dream, Dr Megan Rossi also put our blends on her Instagram stories and she was so positive and inspiring when we met her I even made her take away some of our homemade energy balls too!

Everyone we have worked with so far are amazingly talented and really love what they do – they inspire me every day.

I love the fact that I’ve become friends with many of them and their genuine love and positivity for One Earth and our mission really gets me through the tough days!

I do find it really tough saying no to bloggers and influencers emailing me wanting to work with us.

But we just don’t have the budget to work with everybody! I know they have put a lot of effort and time into their blogs and in emailing me so it crushes me when I have to say ‘thank you, you’re great, but we can’t this time’- sob.

Do you vet your ambassadors?

We have deliberately kept our circle small to begin with because I wanted a group of core ambassadors to really personify our brand and values.

We make sure they are passionate about healthy eating, eating sustainably and inspiring others in the process.

Working with HBC has now opened up this circle a little wider and they have been brilliant at vetting influencers for us and selecting influencers that cover key areas of organic farming/sustainability, fitness and healthy eating/food photography.

One of the first Instagrammers we worked with was Niki from @RebelRecipes, I had been following her for a long time and loved her distinctive photography and outlook on life, so I emailed her asking if we could collaborate and she has been a fan of our blends and ethics ever since.

I’ve also had the opportunity to meet her in person a few times and she really personifies our brand and everything we do- she even looked after One Earth Instagram account this summer whilst we were away in Asia and helped us get over the 1,000 follower mark.

Instagram: @nourish_everyday

We have also worked with Jade from @Panaceas_Pantry, again I approached her as I love their iconic photography and Jade really embodies the One Earth philosophy of living a sustainable and ethical lifestyle.

Elisa @HappySkinKitchen and Charley @Charleyshealth are both superstars, we work with them on a monthly basis as they are helping us build up our recipe bank for our website and are smashing out brilliant content for us every week!

There are really too many to mention but from our work with HBC , I’ve loved the posts from @Bettinas_Kitchen and hope to work with her more, perhaps collaborating with Planet Organic in the future.

Lulu @Lulusdreamtown who is always so positive and loving. Lilo @Honeyandroots who really represents our brand down to a tee and we are really keen to work with her on future projects and Monique @nourish_everyday who is really knowledgeable about nutrition.

HBC really did a brilliant job of selecting great candidates for us to work with!

I would say we are still in the start-up phase so we are still developing brand awareness even today. I think brand-building never ends.

Our next focus is on working with like-minded brands as well as hosting some wellness events soon – Keep your eyes peeled!

Fancy working with One Earth?

Send us an email or direct message, I will personally look at your blog and/or Instagram/Facebook account and can send out trial packs for you to try. We only work with influencers that truly love our products and philosophy.

If you are looking to work with us on your upcoming campaigns, check out our range of courses, masterclasses and strategy sessions. Bloggers can also find One Earth at our upcoming Brands & Bloggers Networking event.