In our latest day in a life series, we interview Mel Noakes, one of the UK’s leading health coaches who specialises in helping women to balance professional success with their personal health and happiness. 

What is your job?

I help people enjoy the success they’ve strived so hard to achieve without having to sacrifice their soul or health to find it.

My approach to coaching starts with embracing my clients’ uniqueness, respecting their body and creating a sense of balance so they can thrive.

How does your day typically go?

My typical day starts at 6am with yoga. I love starting my day positively and with energy.

I have a protein breakfast straight after yoga so I have energy for the day and then I get to my desk ready to go.

I clear emails and my to do list first thing and then I like to keep afternoons for working with clients (either over Skype or face to face in Shoreditch House) or connecting with people.

I eat dinner with my hubbie or friends and I’ll go to the gym a few evenings a week too

What responsibilities does your job entail? 

Everything from checking emails, working with clients, meetings, tea making, IT maintenance – but it’s all with a big aim in mind – empowering the women I work with to love themselves.

What does your working space look like? 

My office is clean, white and everything has a home. But I love having flowers and inspirational quotes around to keep me focussed!

Tell us about lunch time! 

Well I actually have a lunch break! I make myself something nutritious and lovely and I aim to sit outside so I get some sunshine (or at least daylight) 

How  do you unwind after work?

I go to the gym – it’s the best!

How do you prepare for the next day?

I make a to do list at the end of each day so I know what I need to do the following day and at the end of each month / quarter i plan what I need to do so I’m clear on my objectives for the year and all my activities lead to that goal.