It’s 6 am, I am up and out. Literally just like that.

I’ve been known to sleep in my sports bra to reduce ‘get ready time’ #grublife

I park at my boyfriends and walk to the gym to help keep me active for clients. It’s actually surprising how little I move when I’m with clients.

I am a PT, blogger and vlogger that has a need to share and guide how we can turn habits into healthy ones without it changing your whole life.

Seeing people’s habits change over time is an incredible feeling. It’s never just what we look like, more of how we feel and how we live.

Sessions with clients leave me buzzing and hungry. I quickly grab my oats and yoghurt out the fridge. You’ll normally find me sitting on a box of tissues munching away (not at home may I add, but the gym’s stock room)

Time to annoy the other trainers before I train myself. This tends to be a mixture of weights and HIIT. Nine times out of ten it’s a sweaty one.

I smell, so it’s time to head home.

Here, I create content for a few hours, such as making Insta-worthy lunches and developing my healthy snack recipes – or I’m slumped editing a vlog and writing plans.

Lunch will always be full of spices and always contain protein – and will also prob be found on Instagram within 2 days.

I have this habit of walking down to my local town, buying some pointless foods Hollandand and Barrett for new recipes, popping to the bank (on Friday I buy Oppo from Waitrose) – this just made me realise what a creature of habit I am!

Home, more laptop work. & prep my food for the next day.

Tupperware for LIFE.

Snack is normally is yoghurt with a crazy amount of toppings – obviously made to look pretty again.

From Instagram: @chlohodgkinson

Back to work for more clients. I normally have around 3 or 4  in the evenings as that’s when my energy stays peak and weird… any more and I feel the fuel levels dipping.

I normally hang around annoying more PT’s and then head home for dinner. 

This isn’t as exciting as lunch… it’s actually normally exactly what I had for lunch, or If I’m lucky mum would have cooked enough of her and my step dads dinner for me.

It took me a while but they now have great dinner habits (we won’t talk about the rest of the day) and they are big fans of the #leanin15 recipes, I have to say they really are amazing for people who work so much!

Dinner, body shower as well as scroll Instagram and catch up with my gals.

Bed time snack is normally a nut butter sachet from Mindful Bites or Pip & Nut. But I’ve been known to be a bit more wild and opt for another yoghurt bowl with toppings or a protein mug cake.

Making sure I have all my food ready for tomorrow especially if I’m out for the whole day. On Wednesday’s I’m out from 8am-8pm, so all meals and snacks come with me!

Chill, bed, and of course sleep within 2 mins of my head hitting the pillow.