We caught up with the founder of OMNI Superfood: qualified nutritionist and personal trainer Ondrej Matej, to find out more about what makes OMNI Superfood different to other protein powders on the market.

What makes OMNI Superfood for Women different from other superfood protein powders?

OMNI Superfood is not just a protein powder – it’s a plant-based superfood blend, which is also very high in protein. OMNI Superfood for Women is 100% natural, GMO-free, and free from sweeteners, without added sugars or any other chemicals, preservatives or taste enhancers. You need to read the ingredients labels on your protein powder or health food and see if there is any sugar hiding in there. Here, you are getting an honest product that you can use to top up your nutrition intake, support your weight loss, and help you reach your health and fitness goals.

How does the organic maca root found in the product benefit women?

Maca is an amazing indigenous plant found only in Peru. Scientific studies have shown that red maca can boost energy and increase sports performance, support a healthy libido and sex drive, and improve energy and mood. Just have a quick search online and you’ll be blown away. Red maca in particular almost seems like it’s been designed by nature for women’s needs. It’s thought that it has hormone-balancing effects, which can help with bone density (especially important for women and children), menopause, acne, fertility, thyroid and other health problems related to the endocrine system.

Why did you choose to use hemp protein in this product?

Each ingredient is a vital compound used to achieve a full spectrum of benefits. Hemp protein is 50% bioabsorbable protein, containing all 20 amino acids, including the nine essential ones that the body needs but does not produce. It has three times more vitamin E than flax seeds and Omega 3, 6, and 9 essential fatty acids. Hemp protein also contains vast amounts of vitamins and minerals that are found less and less in foods these days due to commercial soil overuse.

Hemp protein was the first thing I tried when I went on a plant-based diet to support my fitness goals.

Hemp protein is a very high quality, easily absorbable, balanced protein source – you can simply not go wrong with it.

You have different superfood powders for men and women. Do men and women really need different types of protein/nutrients?

Absolutely! Not completely different, but they do. Starting with the fact that men and women need different proportions of protein per day for our differing proportion of skeletal muscle. Very athletic women do require more protein, of course. It’s notable that black maca is better suited for men, and red maca is better suited to women’s needs. Vive la difference!

What are the main benefits of adding superfood powders to your diet?

In my opinion, the foods that we eat (unless you own an organic farm and grow your own food) are no longer enough, because the trace minerals have largely been leached out of the soil by industrial farming. So what we don’t get from our foods we need to supplement. Superfoods are in my opinion the best way to do so. Superfoods are just more concentrated. They can increase your nutrition intake, support weight loss, help with toning and building muscle mass, stop cravings for unhealthy foods, help with skin conditions, protect against mineral and vitamin deficiencies and much more. Simply said: if you want a better quality of life, superfoods are your best call.

Why did you decide against using whey protein in your products?

I myself don’t eat dairy products, as I find it illogical: we are the only mammal on this planet that consumes milk after breastfeeding. It just doesn’t make sense, because whey protein is a waste product from the dairy industry. In my opinion, the industry itself didn’t know what to do with it until someone very smart figured out a way to sell it to people and make a massive amount of money! Not considering that the consumers will suffer from digestive issues and many other health issues that are only starting to be noticed. Whey protein can have a damaging effect on one’s health, especially considering that it usually is combined with other chemicals that are harmful in the long run.

I want my products to be accessible by vegans, vegetarians and raw foodists, so using whey protein would go against this.

In my opinion, a good diet based on plant-based proteins is the only way forward to achieve long-lasting results and a good quality of life rather than short-term results and long-lasting damage to your body.

Also, considering what is actually in the milk these days, the conditions the animals live in, and the chemicals they are being injected with to survive, whey protein is just not good enough.

How important for you is it that your products are suitable for vegans?

It is essential that OMNI Superfood is suitable for vegans. Veganism is a blossoming movement that deserves the best there is, and this is a product that can help vegans to get the essential vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, antioxidants and proteins they need to thrive. Whether or not they take superfoods, vegans need to ensure they have an adequate intake of iron, vitamin B12, and amino acids. I’d also advise staying away from eating too many carbohydrates and processed foods (including highly processed meat and dairy alternatives) with no nutritional value.

OMNI Superfoods don’t contain any sugar, chemicals or pesticides – what was your motivation for this?

I wanted to create the highest quality products free from all harmful compounds, that can be used by anyone in any condition to help them improve the quality of life and to turn them into superhumans.

Actually we all have way too much sugar in our diets already. We’re also surrounded by chemicals, and there aren’t many brands that don’t add sugars, sweeteners, etc to make their products taste better.

The first people that took my product were my personal training clients, people I knew and worked with. I made it originally to help their performance and health. So this has really carried over. Now that it’s more popular, I still care about the people that use my products and want them to be in the best health without ingesting bad ingredients.

How did you select the ingredients to include in your superfood powders?

I tried every ingredient individually to experience their benefits over time. Once I felt how they were working or not working, I selected the ones I felt the most benefit from, and combined them together in a ratio that would give the user the most benefit and would also taste great. A simple methodology – but it took years!

What is your favourite way of incorporating the superfood protein powders into your diet?

Fresh young coconut water, coconut flesh, with 2 spoons of OMNI Superfood for Men, blended up with a couple of bananas, and a handful of raspberries. This would be my favourite breakfast. Sometimes I also add spinach, or make a smoothie bowl with nuts and seeds. Delicious!