Welcome to this first Energy of the Month post here on HBC!

Before I plunge in with October’s advice and guidance I would like to make a little mention about the divine storm that we have just ridden through. September was a really powerful month astrology-wise with the beautiful yet transformational Super Blood Moon that threw us all into a make or break moment. It’s likely that you went through some dramatic changes either in your physical life or a huge shift of awareness either spiritually or mentally, and now we are all anxiously stepping back out into the sunlight, blinking, a little bit bemused. Yep, I feel ya!

But this is good news for your October! All those heavy, low vibrational energies that no longer serve you have fallen away to reveal something extraordinary: you had the willpower to pull through, you are way more powerful than you thought you were! Can you feel it? The electric, ecstatic feeling of inner power just waiting to be unleashed?

So, now you have this incredible faith in yourself what’s next? What does October have in store for you?

Shadows: Every month there is something that we may bump up against, I refer to these as our shadows. Some people love discovering a good shadow to uncover, shed light on and remove once and for all. But if you’re anything like me, you may find yourself skirting your shadows and preferring to play in the sunshine. But I’m going to have to get tough on you and remind you (and myself!) sternly that shadows will just get darker if left to their own accord. For example, that disagreement that you had with a friend that is now stewing and building resentment, it won’t just go away, it needs to be cast into the light and resolved in order for you to feel lighter, brighter and happier about life. Don’t let your shadows eat away at you!

This month the predominant shadow is that we are going to come across a lot of confusion. You know that ‘I can’t see the wood for the trees’ feeling? Yes, this is a conundrum that we all too easily sweep under the carpet and label as just one of those things that everyone feels in their lifetime. But not for you my dear, no, you deserve to experience clarity around what you want and the direction that you are moving in. To do that we need to get super honest with ourselves, what do we truly want?

It’s not as tough a question as you’d initially think, but it is a challenge because we have many limiting beliefs around stating what we want, let alone being able to move towards it! I would like to let you know that doing what lights you up will not make you a bitch, or selfish. Any guilt or shame that arises when you say out loud: I want to be a popstar (for examples sake!) needs to look into. Ask yourself why these feelings arise, then disprove those pesky lies!

Knowing what you want, stating it out loud and committing to yourself by allowing yourself to go for it will eliminate the confusion and give you far more passion and zest for life!

Light: The light is the energy throughout the month that we can take a tight hold of and use to move ourselves forward towards, health, wealth and happiness! Some months you may be surprised by the guidance from the Universe regarding the lighter energies and October is one of those months.

How, so? Well, I’m not going to sit here and tell you to hustle, that’s not how the universal energies work, believe it or not! In fact, the more work I do in this field the more I learn that surrender and yielding to the Universe is far more powerful than trying to control it or force its hand. Sometimes it just knows best, it can see the bigger picture after all.

This month we are being guided to step away from doing things for money. (EEEK!). I know, you have bills to pay, a cat to feed, a shopping habit to keep up… Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to do all those things! What is happening here is that we are becoming stuck in the work-for-money rut, and it has been sucking the joy out of your life. We are being called to be more expansive in our thinking and more expressive in our output. You are a creative being, everything you put out into the world, be it a thought, a word, a blog post or piece of art is part of your creative expression. But the number one thing that restricts this expression is doing it as a means to an end, there is nothing more stifling. This month we need to open up to the beauty of making art for the sake of making art. This way you’ll discover a deeper creative well, a more inspired way of meeting life daily and excitement at the prospect of sharing your creations with your community. I’m asking you to create from this space and then send those seeds off into the world without worrying where they end up and what you can reap from them. I can assure you that in doing so you will reap so much more.

Quick fix: When you are feeling low this coming month, if that confusion gets a little too much then this is your quick fix to get you back to a better place: go outside.

The big message coming through to keep you on track is to ground yourself, and by this I literally mean go outside and put your bare feet on the Earth. This is one of the most healing and simple tricks to help you collect your thoughts, settle your energy and allow peace to sweep through you. There is so much scientific evidence around the benefits of not only being in nature but by putting your skin against the Earth. Allow Mother Earth to help you this month, she wants to heal your hurts and support you on your journey to deep happiness. You can also talk to her and her children (the trees and crystals) for extra guidance when you feel a little wobbly, just trust whatever comes back to you (yes, I am a serial tree-hugger… and what?).

The Cosmos: Keeping track of the moon is important to me as an intuitive woman, I’m no astrologer but I check in on what the Lunar Lady is up to so that I am fully prepared for any emotional and spiritual shifts that might occur in the month, as well as know when I will feel my ebbs and my flow.

This month we have our New Moon on the 13th of October in Libra. This is the perfect time to set intentions, things that you would like to birth into the world and bring into the light, and launch them. Being in Libra means that it is a great time to set out and sign contracts, to be diplomatic about how you go about achieving what you want and to incorporate more balance into your work and life. Libra is an idealistic sign, so in keeping with my suggestions about your shadow this month it is a brilliant time to get clear on what you really want even if it feels impossible in terms of your limitations and conditioning. Let your dreams run wild and remind yourself that you are a limitless being and anything is possible for you.

Later in the month we have a gorgeous Full Moon in Taurus on the 27th. Full Moons are the best time to release, recuperate and wipe the slate clean for the rest of the month. This beautiful earthy energy encourages us to concentrate on that expression that we spoke about earlier, the sign of Taurus is linked to the throat where we use our voice to express ourselves. It’s also a reminder again that to express out of a desire to gain will only lead us into a materialistic outlook on life where we can get stuck, stubbornly trying to push ourselves to produce bigger and better things. This is a time to breathe into the idea that you are supported to be the life-artist that you were born to be. Relax and allow those idealisms from the Libra New Moon to run their course.

I hope you have a fantastic October and that those idealistic desires begin to feel like the possibility that they are for you. Go forth and create!

Fifi is a spiritual mentor and creative writer who works predominantly with business owners, bringing awareness to the Divine Feminine and intuition as a tool to create material and spiritual success. You can sign up here to be the first to know when her blog is relaunched.