Ahead of our HBA Ceremony, we caught up with our sponsors for the Beauty & Lifestyle category Noughty to discuss WHY Noughty stands out from the crowd by turning haircare products into the staple of their clients’ lifestyle.

We never create content for content’s sake.

We always put thought into each and every piece aiming to educate and inform on topics that we think our Noughties might like to read.

The lifestyle of those who follow a natural lifestyle is at the heart of all of our content. Our customers range from pregnant women and mums to vegetarians, vegans and natural beauty advocates.

The customer is always at the heart of Noughty so we spend time getting her feedback and finding out where she consumes content and what she likes to read about.

Natural haircare doesn’t need to be dull!

Noughty is here to restore balance to your life and your hair with 97% natural products that are packed with active ingredients and free from silicones, sulphates, petrochemicals and parabens.

Our products are designed to make a real difference to your locks and are suitable for all hair types including extensions.

As we don’t use any animal-derived ingredients, our products are suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians (we have The Vegan Society approval) plus we don’t believe in testing any of our ingredients on bambi, lassie or skippy either!

What makes Noughty stand out from other natural brands?

Noughty’s colour-popping packs jump off the shelves, winning the hearts of all who encounter them with their sassy personality. Noughty products tick so many boxes that the brand has a huge loyal following from mums, textured hair tribes and even the odd pampered pooch. Noughty makes performance –driven, natural products at an affordable price point for hair so good you can be noughty!

How can you take a haircare brand and turn it into a lifestyle brand?

We positioned Noughty as a lifestyle brand from day one as we knew there were several communities whose needs were not being met. For example, Noughty appeals to the Vegan community who are looking for brands that meet their needs across all categories. We create content on our blog and on social media that is designed to interest and inspire specific communities.

So let’s get into the nitty gritty of the site. I’m a beauty blogger – I want to work with Noughty and support their products. How do I go about it?

We love working with beauty bloggers! You can contact us via the website or email our PR Manager. We gets lots of generic requests from bloggers so to make your email stands out, tell us why you like Noughty and why you think your readers will love reading about us.

How have ambassadors, bloggers and vloggers helped Noughty developing brand awareness?

We really value each and every product review that we have received from bloggers as we know it’s a great way to help spread the word about our much-loved products.

From Instagram: @oneuniqueblog

Noughty has been so well received as many beauty bloggers are looking to include natural products on their blogs.

Our cruelty-free and vegan credentials paired with an affordable price point and incredible results have placed Noughty in high demand with bloggers, which we are thrilled about.

We worked with many bloggers – too many to list – but to name a few: Really Ree, Britton Loves, Mumbelievable, The Curvaceous Vegan, We Were Raised By Wolves, Life With MCM.

Do you vet your ambassadors?

While reach and engagement are important measuring tools when we are deciding whether to work with an influencer, the most important factor to us is shared values. Do your readers fit into any of our ‘brand tribes’?

We want your readers to feel interested and engaged by our collaborative content, not feel like they have been sold to.

We are currently looking for ambassadors to work with on an ongoing basis who fit with our brand values.

Natural beauty bloggers, mummy bloggers, vegan bloggers and textured hair bloggers – we want to hear from you!

You can meet Noughty at our Health Blog Awards Ceremony – tickets below