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I just love to have fun with fitness. For me that involves a lot of aerial (pole dance, aerial hoop/silks), climbing, acro-yoga, handstands, and generally seeing what weird and wonderful things my body can do!

Credits: @ninahealthily

That there is a one-size-fits-all approach to health and fitness. Every one is different, so how can there be one “right” way to be fit and healthy that works for every single person

I have just started being a full-time student again (I study mathematics at university), so I tend to have to wake up at 6:30 to get into lectures.

I make sure I have a good breakfast before I leave the house – usually overnight oats with lots of berries – so that I have brain fuel. I pack my lunch the night before, so I know I have a healthy choice with me.

Most days my day is filled with studying so I will go straight from uni to a pole class or the climbing centre in the evening, as after a day of being sat in lectures I am itching to get moving.

I love any pole dance or aerial moves that mean I get to hang out upside down!

I try to fit in 4-6 “active days” a week, depending on how many assignments I have that week. In the evening I have dinner and prepare my food for the following day, and then make sure I get to bed in good time.

Sleep is very important to make sure I can manage my busy days!

Credits: @ninahealthily

I love being active on Instagram daily because it really motivates me in my fitness life.

I don’t have time to take pictures every day so I tend to take a few on weekends/on freer days and post them throughout the week.

The exception is if I get a cool photo/video of me doing something new at pole or climbing (or another class), then I love to share those immediately! I get too excited when I manage something new to keep it to myself.

I know I need to be patient with myself (I’m still working on that!).

Results don’t come overnight but not only is it about the journey, not the destination, the hard work is so worth it when you do manage something you have been working so hard for.