We are always looking for the latest news in health and wellness. Today we talk about Facebook’s new creator tools, the introduction of ‘Pawternity Leave’, the rise of camel milk and much more.

Calling it: You’re about to see a lot more camel milk on store shelves

Here’s everything you need to know about camel milk benefits, including how it compares to cow’s milk nutritionally, what it tastes like, and how to get the new trendy milk, which has long been popular in the Middle East and Africa.

Facebook introduces new creator management tools to help influencers and brands connect

Facebook has added some updates in to its creator and business resources to help influencers grow and thrive on the platform. On the biz end, Facebook has announced a brand collab manager that will allow brands to search for relevant creators and personalities to work with.

You Can Now Take Paid ‘Pawternity Leave’ When You Adopt A New Fur Baby – Sporteluxe

In our minds, adopting a new pet is absolute bliss. Our new puppy or kitten joyfully scampers all over us like we’re in a Huggies commercial and it’s all cuddles and cute Instagram pics. Of course, the reality is quite different. Our fur babies need feeding, toilet training and ALL of the love and attention.

Stepping up your Instagram stories with Canva – Learn

In 2018, you can expect Instagram Stories to continue to dominate and become an essential part of your Instagram marketing strategy. Instagram Stories have over 300 million daily active users-which is almost double that of Snapchat. Did you know that you can quickly and easily create multiple templates for your Instagram Stories with Canva?

How hard is it to fake it until you make it as an influencer?

“I’m a digital marketer who wants to expose how so-called influencers use a range of blackhat tactics to convince people they’re worth investing in. To investigate this, I had to become one.” That’s the opening gambit in a piece by Copenhagen-based digital marketer Jonathan Jeffrey on entrepreneur.com, who goes on to detail just how he went about fooling his way into the world of influencer freebies.