We are always looking for the latest news in health and wellness. Today we talk about Headspace’s plan to turn meditation into medicine, plant-based milkmen, shiitake chips and travelling benefits for entrepreneurs.

A meditation app loved by Wall Street and Silicon Valley wants to unveil a prescription-strength version with FDA approval

The $250 million mindfulness app company Headspace has big plans to turn meditation into medicine. A favorite self-improvement tool in Silicon Valley and on Wall Street, the app already hopes to roll out a series of prescription-grade meditation tools approved by the FDA.

Inside The UK’s First Plant-Based ‘Mylk Man’ Service

Feel like you communicate with your fellow humans mostly via apps and emails? Then you need to know about the latest in old school charm that’s being brought back into modern life. Mylkman is a modern take on the old-school milk service.

Almost 90% Of Aussies Experience Burnout From Not Taking Leave

Here in Australia, we have a pretty great quality of life. Not only do we live amongst some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery and have a higher-than-average minimum wage, but we also get a decent amount of annual leave.

Calling it: Shiitake mushroom chips are the new kale chips

Generally speaking, snack chips have a not-so-nutritious rep for being vehicles of poor-quality ingredients-and long lists of ’em at that. Nowadays, though, smarter satisfying choices make up a corner of the noshing scene in the form of crispy kale, beet, and even protein-packed egg-white options.

Why Travel is an Entrepreneur’s Best Investment

When I flew to Bali, as I stood in line at the security gate, I decided to do a quick mental sum of how many flights I’d caught in the past few years, including business and persona travel.