So you’ve indulged in cheese, crackers, roast dinners, numerous amounts of celebrations and feeling like January is the best time to start the ‘new you’.

No doubt you’ll see a number of people jumping on the fad diet culture that will sell out within minutes. You could choose this route or you could choose the route of a sustainable lifestyle.

As someone that has previously been a yo-yo dieter I know that feeling you might be getting this January.

I’ve done probably most diets from the Cambridge diet to Weight Watchers to Slimming World. After years of dieting I have finally found what works for me. Having learnt about nutrition after studying Level 2 nutrition and health I now have more power than ever before to make proactive choices.

No more juice diets, fad tea diets and no more following what celebrities endorse without knowledge.

Whilst finding what works for me and finding a balance within my lifestyle I also found something that a lot of people forget about – self love and body confidence.

Now you’re probably sitting there thinking: “body confidence and self-love – why should I focus on trying to achieve that in 2018?”

My answer is this: because once you find yourself and your happiness you will find that you no longer compare yourself to others. Strive for perfection and become happier training for what you want to achieve. Don’t get me wrong: this is a journey like any other and it does take time. But it is achievable.

In 2017 I discovered self-love and body confidence – it changed everything around me. I became more positive, happier, healthier, I was more independent and I met so many people along the way. It’s honestly the best journey I’ve ever been on.

I learnt to embrace every part of my body including my ‘flaws’, accepted them and then started to love every part of me.

I stopped thinking ‘I need to have abs, I need a thigh gap, I wish I had her physique’. Instead I started thinking, ‘I feel so good in this dress, I’m achieving MY goals and I love my curves’. I also realized that neither size nor weight matters. As long as I was training for me, keeping me myself and training my body to stay healthy that’s all that really matters.

So for 2018 I urge you to evaluate what you want to achieve when it comes to your fitness and goals. Whether a quick fix diet is the route that you want take or whether you want find a happy balanced lifestyle that works for you.

Find your balance and reach your goals, don’t compare what you’re doing to anyone others, do it for yourself.

Remember your journey to self-love and body confidence doesn’t happen over night, you still have to work for it!