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Sarah Honey-Lawson of The Army Girl’s Guide – About Me

After a four year stint in the British Army as an Officer in the Royal Engineers I went on to train as a Personal Trainer, before moving to Bahrain to assist with training Overseas Cadets who have the goal of commissioning from the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. I split my time between London and Bahrain, and try and enjoy the health and wellness scene that both have to offer!

My mission

I learnt so much whilst in the Army; from believing that you can achieve anything, having the confidence in your own decision making when it is literally a matter of life or death, to learning that food is fuel and by eating the right things, your body and your brain can become even more exceptional than you ever imagined. I want to pass these lessons on without everyone having to endure military training!

How I got into Blogging / Instagramming

I got into blogging thanks to some encouragement from enthusiastic friends who loved what I was teaching them and thought the rest of the world deserved to know!

The post you’ll love…

I wrote this blog post after (what I initially thought was) a disappointing Half Ironman event, taking what I learnt from the Army and implementing it into my civilian mindset: Fitness Fails.

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