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Becca and Yana of SeekNPlay -About Us

Becca and Yana are the bloggers behind new lifestyle and fitness blog SeekNPlay. Their mission is to create a platform to share and inspire new and exciting ways to keep fit and healthy.

How we got into Blogging / Instagramming

We were so addicted to reading other’s blog posts that one day we just agreed that it’s something we should do! We have always had the passion to seek out random and fun things to do in London and are always being asked for recommendations. So why not blog about them? Anything from food events, fitness or the party scene. It just makes sense for us to share our findings with people on a larger scale.

The post you’ll love…

Check out our review of 1Rebel, a boutique gym in London. It was a completely new, unique experience for us and a place definitely worth thinking about!