Hello, my name is Naomi and I am a 20 year old Classics student at Oxford University. I enjoy experimenting with as wide a variety of whole foods as I can in the kitchen!

My Mission

After experimenting with my diet several years ago I have cut out dairy and gluten because I have intolerances to them and have felt immeasurably better since.

To name but a few improvements, I have had better sleep, better skin, more energy and more positive moods.

I love eating as many fruits and vegetables as I can and experimenting in the kitchen. I have set up my Instagram account @nomsbynaomi in order to inspire others to eat healthily and show them that it can be exciting, and to connect with like-minded people. I am hoping to expand into a blog in the near future!

How I got into Instagramming

I have been passionate about healthy food for several years but I felt that starting an Instagram account would inspire me to become more creative with my food and enjoy it even more, as well as allowing me to meet people with similar philosophies! I am also looking forward to writing content for a blog in the near future which I hope will inspire me to create recipes and try lots of new and exciting flavour combinations!

The post you’ll love…

My delicious, simple and healthy pancakes Also look out for my favourite thing to do – turning traditionally unhealthy cakes into deliciously healthy porridge recipes!