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Huma from House of H blog – About me

I am a recent media graduate and a small business owner that focuses on health, wellness and beauty. I am also a food and drink writer for a Birmingham based magazine, and I love to share tips and advice about being healthy inside and out. I now only use vegan certified and gluten free cosmetics, nutrition and skincare and educating people on the benefits of this is a passion of mine.

My mission

If I can give a useful piece of advice to each person I meet, then I’m well on my way to achieving my mission. I am a little quirky, incredibly honest in my blogs and have high aspirations for my future.

From skincare to baby care to nutrition, I love to show people the ways in which they can make themselves healthier, inside and out. I provide consultations with people, either face to face or online, to see if I can find a healthier alternative for them.

I struggle with IBS and have psoriasis, and symptoms for both can be controlled by diet. I am keen to share my experiences and advice on how I manage with others in a similar situation. I am also hoping to get a nutrition qualification to cement my training so far in the area.

My blog will include all areas of my life, including how I am dealing with my wedding planning process and how I am coping as a small business owner.

I enjoy getting to meet new people and finding like-minded individuals who share my passion of taking care of themselves.

How I got into blogging/Instagramming

As a media student (journalism), writing and blogging has always been a passion of mine, and I have had blogs in the past. But, it’s not until I started my business and went to a Google digital media training did I realise my niche, and desire to really create a successful online platform.

The post you’ll love…

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