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James from Healthy Living James – About me

Hey, I’m James from Healthy Living James. I am 27 and currently living in the Dorset area (UK). I have suffered from long term illness (M.E) for the past 6 years and healthy eating and living has been my way of slowly recovering. It really has given me a passion for food and general well-being. Now I create gluten, dairy and sugar free recipes along with writing articles that will help others become a healthier version of themselves.

My mission

My aim is to motivate people to take control of the way they eat and to improve their lives. Many believe that cooking healthy recipes is expensive and time consuming, and I want to change that belief. I am a big believer in ‘you are what you eat’ and my goal is to try to inspire and motivate people to live healthier and open up their minds to how quick and easy healthy cooking/living can be. With a few tweaks to what you store and use in your kitchen you too can live a healthier, more balanced, life.

How I got into Blogging/Instagramming

Most of my time is spent either in the kitchen creating quick and healthy allergy free meals or thinking about new dishes I can make. A few friends asked for recipes and help so I decided, why not share my healthy living journey with everyone? I opened the blog at the end of August 2016 and had such great feedback which I find really rewarding.

The post you’ll love…

It would have to be the blog post, ‘10 top tips to healthy living‘. It goes into detail on ways to assess your own health, and provides tips on ways to move towards a healthier lifestyle. As for recipes, I will let you decide.