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Hayley from Food Ninja – About me

Meet Hayley

I’m Hayley, a Sports Nutritionist & Online Nutrition Coach, AKA the Food Ninja. After working in the corporate world as an IT Project Manager for many years, I finally broke free from my cubicle and became the Food Ninja!  I was always interested in eating well and exercising, but it was when I broke my back in 2014 that I reevaluated my life. I couldn’t work & was bed bound for 6 months waiting for a spinal fusion surgery. I decided to retrain and turn what had been a part-time passion, helping friends with recipes and advice, into a business, right there from my sick bed, armed with just my laptop.  I’ve now relocated to Ibiza, and work mostly online with people from all over the world.

My mission

My mission is to show people that you can be healthy wherever you are, with whatever tools, resources or ingredients you have, with the minimum time commitment.

How I got into blogging/Instagramming

Although I set up my business three years ago, I procrastinated A LOT about having a blog! Being new to the industry I suffered many of the doubts that I’m sure all of us have, about putting ourselves and our words out there to be judged by the rest of the world.

But now with some experience and learning behind me, and a whole lot of clients who have smashed their goals, I finally feel like its time to start writing about my passion in the hope that it will inspire people to take action.

So far I’m enjoying the process of writing, it’s a bit of quiet time away from my hectic schedule of Skype calls, meetings and weigh-ins. I’m hoping the writing will become another finely honed skill to add to the other weapons in my Ninja arsenal!

The post you’ll love…

Do you feel like a failure when it comes to dieting? – I feel like the message in this blog post is super important. We’re all made to feel like failures because we can’t follow the crazy rules of the latest fad diet. It’s time to turn our backs on the dieting industry and take back control of our eating habits!