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Ellie from Chronic Migraine Ellie – About Me

I’m Ellie, a rising sophomore in college. I love food, music, history and fashion. I write about my experiences with chronic migraines and food sensitivities. I’m always looking for great GF food!

My mission

My mission is to help people with chronic migraines, migraines and anyone living with a chronic, invisible illness. I know from  experience what it’s like to try and live a ‘normal’ life with an invisible illness, which is why I figured out that my ‘normal’ is just different from that of my friends and peers. I realised that many of my family, friends and even teachers had absolutely no idea what I was going through because I didn’t look sick. My blog is my way of combating the negative stigma of invisible illnesses, by publicly showing my life experiences and problems, and in turn helping to facilitate a more public discussion about chronic, invisible illnesses and chronic pain. My goal is to ultimately influence the way that people view invisible illnesses; that those who suffer are not lazy or incapable, but instead are extremely strong people who are resilient and motivated. Another one of my goals is to ultimately branch out from just my own experiences and feature some amazing inspirational people and bloggers to provide even more motivational and informational support to my readers.

How I got into blogging/ Instagramming

I started blogging almost a year ago in 2015 when my health began to stabilise a bit more than it had been for the past 2 and a half years. During high school, I felt very alone in my struggle. I was constantly missing school, missing events and falling behind. I had amazing support from friends and family, but I felt like I didn’t know anyone else who was going through the same experiences that I was.

As I was preparing for my freshman year in college, I realised that I could start blogging about my experiences, if not to help myself then to help other people. I figured that given my experience seeing numerous doctors, trying uncountable numbers of medicines and constantly educating myself about migraines and medication, I might be able to help other people to live their best lives and get the best care for themselves. To my surprise, the more I posted, the more readers I had, even from places in Europe like France, Germany, Portugal and the UK, and even countries like Israel and Canada.

As my first year in college proved to be difficult medically, my blog became a way for me to show that there are different ways to live your life and enjoy yourself despite all of the medical problems that you experience. If anything, I wanted to get my story out there so that other people would be able to learn how to become more informed and better advocates for themselves. My journey has been about learning to love myself and what I do despite the fact that I have a chronic illness. If anything, I started blogging to show that chronic illnesses are a part of your identity, but it doesn’t have to solely define who you are you.

The post you’ll love…

My post about Spoon Theory and why it’s important even if you don’t have an invisible illness. I’ve had so many people tell me that making them aware of Spoon Theory has allowed them to understand their friends and family with chronic illnesses better, and that’s my goal!