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Nicola from CheerfitNG – About me

I am a fitness and food lover! I absolutely love trying new workout techniques and mixing up how I exercise. I equally love food (omg cheese) and gym clothes, I could live in them if I was allowed! I’m an allstar cheerleader in the UK which keeps me fit too!

My mission

I am just a normal girl hoping to help other normal girls like me! If I can do it, they more than likely can too! It’s hard to fit exercise into your schedule if you work full-time and have other commitments, but if you find a type of exercise you love, then you will find the time to fit it in. I want to help normal girls understand that it’s okay to be normal!

How I got into blogging/Instagramming

I got into blogging as my best friend had a blog and I really wanted to track my recipes / workouts and really motivate myself. So I started an Instagram account “@cheerfitng” where I posted pictures of my food / videos / motivational quotes. But then my friend suggested starting a blog, so I thought why not!

The post you’ll love..

Don’t Worry, Be Happy –  it explains that it’s okay to be normal, if you’re worried about body image. I want more young girls to be able to love themselves for who they are and to try not to compare themselves to what they see on Instagram and social media, as people only show the world the best version of themselves.

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