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Amal Hassan from Active Recovery – About Me

I am a Sports and Exercise Medicine Doctor in London, and instructor at the boutique spin studio, Psycle. I love all things fitness and wellness, and am enjoying spreading the word about the dangers of over-training.

My Mission

Over-training is a physiological and mental state that is the result of the cumulative effect of getting the training/recovery balance wrong. As a Psycle instructor, I know exactly how it feels to overdo it and suffer repercussions – a lack of energy, a reduction in performance – as well as the emotional side effects of working hard but making no gains.

So I started ACTIVE RECOVERY – a blog – to explore the topic of over-training in more scientific detail I find the best recovery methods available in London and, most importantly, start employing them during my training week. Sharing the features and reviews means that I can share my learning and discoveries with other fitness fanatics, and hopefully help them train more mindfully. Plus for every method I review, I drop a discount code (my weekly #humpdayhero), so that you might go and try it out yourself!

I find that my blog ties in really nicely with being a Doctor, and this way I get to help more people – beyond my own patients – train safely, and avoid ill health and injury.

How I got into Blogging/Instagramming

I started instagramming when I joined the Psycle training academy. It’s a great way of connecting with our community of riders, and now I’m starting to write longer posts to spread my fitness philosophy.

Blogging developed alongside my idea for ACTIVE RECOVERY in March 2016, and although I find it hard to write concisely, I am already loving putting my ideas into words and inspiring people to think outside of the box when it comes to training.

The post you’ll love…

You’ll love the ‘founding’ post, titled “Keep over-achieving, not over-training”. It pretty much sets out my mission and gives you a great flavour of the topic if you’ve never heard of it!

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