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Nico Williams of The Pea and The Spoon – About me

I’m a London-based Paleo enthusiast with a passion for cooking and developing new healthy recipes. A keen traveller, this year I will be venturing to Malaysia & Indonesia on a cultural and food journey!

For me, my passion is sharing my recipes. I do not pride myself on my writing so much but really enjoy sharing my food with the world. For this reason I love instagram as a tool for sharing recipes. Images speak volumes and coming from a design background I love the mood board you create with an instagram account.

This year, with my adventure plans, I will be attending cooking courses throughout Asia which I cannot wait to share. I have high ambitions for The Pea & The Spoon this year, with supper clubs and posts across the ocean.

My mission

I aim to create easy and healthy recipes using locally sourced produce. No refined sugars, grains, gluten or lactose. I would like people to connect with their food and make it using fresh ingredients so as to avoid all the additives and preservatives packed in supermarket food. My recipes are a mix of Paleo, Vegan & Vegetarian.

How I got into Blogging / Instagramming

I have always loved cooking! Sadly for a long time this involved ingredients packed with a variety of additives and unnecessary ingredients. My sister had been eating Paleo so I gave it a go.Within a month, I felt amazing. My skin was glowing, I had lost weight and generally had heaps of energy. I also realised that by eating locally-sourced food and making my meals from scratch I was less wasteful and generally would have a better impact on the planet.

An avid food lover, I didn’t want to give up on delicious treats and decided to experiment with the staple Paleo food list. I was really impressed at how easy it was to replicate some of my favourite meals using such ingredients as almonds, beetroots and cacao. For me it’s important not to dwell too much on my recipes being Paleo but to make them accessible to all diets.

The post you’ll love…

I hope you enjoy my recipes! A favourite I have recently shared is my Beetroot, Hazelnut and Cacao cake. It is so simple to make and packed with rich chocolate flavour. Using no refined sugar it’s a guilt free option which is sure to impress friends.

Thanks for reading!


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