We all have ‘one of those days’ every once in a while.

The days we’d rather hide under the covers than face the world.

The days a holiday is not an option, it is a necessity.

Those days when it feels like Monday on a Thursday.

As you probably know from my Twitter, I can give some badass pep talks. Sometimes, I even receive them from my awesome boyfriend – because we do not always practise what we preach. He is pretty amazing at getting me out of the funk.

However, you may not be looking for an instant lifeline system.

Welcome to Pep Talk Generator!

Babe Vibes have invented a state-of-the-art Pep Talk Generator that shares inspiration and motivation in bite-sized chunks. Creator Kara Haupt set the website up after the success of 45 Pep Talks, a zine that chronicles forty-five days of Kara writing pep talks to herself.

Those pep talks come from women who, first hand, have experience those “I am busy hiding under my duvet” days.

For the love of God, ask for help. You can still be a badass independent woman even if you ask for assistance. Despite what you may think, we all need a little support. We all need our friends. And speaking of friends: call them up! Text them back! Make time for them! Because they are important and there’s more to life than working. (I know you’re quietly singing Stacie Orrico’s “(There’s Gotta Be) More To Life” right now. You’re welcome x.)

This simple project is fun, inspiring and damn motivating. You can even find the name of the pep-talkers under each and every little sermon of goodness.

And just to finish off nicely…

Find your safe space. Approach it with grace. Listen to your body. And give yourself the permission to feel overwhelmed. You’ve weathered harsher storms. And the blue skies? They’re on their way.