Interest in Nutrition seems to be at an all-time high, both for health and cosmetic reasons.

The upsurge in many chronic conditions, diseases and allergies is increasingly being linked to diet and lifestyle. There’s also a mass of conflicting information from the food industry and others about what is good or bad for you. A growing number of people are recognising that to take control of their health they need to address their diet. Consulting a Nutritional Therapist is becoming more popular, so gaining a respected qualification in this area can equip you well for a rewarding and flexible career helping yourself and others to better health.

CNM’s Diploma in ‘Naturopathic Nutrition’

The College of Naturopathic Medicine’s (CNM) naturopathic approach to Nutrition is unique. It stresses the use of whole and organic foods to maximise or help restore health. Detoxification and cleansing are emphasised, as only fully-functioning organs are able to absorb and utilise nutrients optimally. As a CNM Student you would learn to take a holistic approach to the whole person, so instead of simply addressing a set of symptoms, your aim is to identify the root cause of the problem to best support recovery and prevent recurrence of problems. As a CNM trained Nutritional Therapist, you would use tailor-made nutritional and lifestyle strategies to guide people towards taking responsibility for their own health.

CNM’s course combines the latest western research-based nutrition together with authentic traditions of oriental medicine.  

So as well as the physiological and biochemical processes involved in nourishment, students also learn about the energetic side of food, and about traditional Chinese and East Indian Ayurvedic systems which have been used with pinpoint accuracy to diagnose energetic imbalances.  

The course is structured so that each study unit builds on the previous one, allowing students to develop the confidence and skills to become successful Nutritional Therapists.

CNM’s Nutrition course includes 200 hours in clinic, initially to learn observation and case taking.  You go on to take cases under supervision, and learn about clinic management and setting up a successful business.

Unless students come from a health background, CNM training starts with a Biomedicine Course.  You can fast track your way through this by joining a CNM Summer School if you  wish. Otherwise, a modular study system allows you to join classes at various points throughout the year. CNM’s specific Nutrition study is for two years, part time. There is also an option to study for an additional Diploma in Naturopathy, which can be done alongside the Nutrition study.

The majority of CNM Graduates set up a clinical practice alone, or as a partner. Others work within the natural health industry, such as for health food or supplement companies, or in health or food media.

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You can study for a CNM Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition at CNM colleges across the UK and Ireland. UK locations include London, Edinburgh, Belfast, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and Brighton.

CNM offers Diploma and Short Courses in a wide range of natural therapies, as well as our Natural Chef training.

From CNM’s website you can download a prospectus, or book yourself on a free-to-attend Open Evening at your nearest CNM college.  If you wish to speak to a CNM course consultant, please call  01342 410 505