Jess Moses is the co-founder and chief smoothie taster at NanaBowls. We asked Jess to talk us through her typical day.

NanaBowls are smoothie bowls packed with vegan protein, no added sugars, dairy, gluten and soy free. 

After spending lots of time in Phuket, I realised that my love for nourishing smoothie bowls was nowhere to be found.

Credits: @nanabowls

So I thought what better place to enjoy a smoothie bowl than in the heart of Thailand on a tropical island, so I packed my bags and decided to make it happen!

My day can be summarised as A LOT of banana peeling. A LOT of instagramming. A LOT of smoothie bowl tasting!

I usually wake up and check Instagram immediately – bad habit I know! Before my eyes have even seen daylight, I’m in the kitchen whipping up a NanaBowl (either for brekkie or for a takeaway order). Obviously, there are a million snaps taken before a spoon of it has even reached my lips!

Then it’s all about the Instagramming, Insta-living and Facebooking!

Deciding which pic to post and which filter to use can honestly take up a huge chunk of the day… anyone else suffering from this “first world problem”?

Then we’re either off cruising around to meet new potential stockists for our NanaBowls, seducing them with our irresistible Salted Caramel bowl, or checking in on current stockists to make sure things are all going smooth-ie (see what I did there!).

Then we’re off to the local Thai fruit market to stock up on supplies – I’m talking over 80kg of bananas and sacks of pineapples!

On our drive home, we’re catching up on social, writing blog posts or more commonly belting out Mariah Carey in the car!

Credits: @nanabowls

The day is followed by a night of chopping fruits, measuring protein powder and packing up our NanaBowl packs for our stockists.

It’s all about the ripe banana smell and a house filled with mind-maps, and walls covered in to-do lists!

Lunches almost end up being one of every smoothie bowl! I joke, but seriously, our lives are 80% nut butter at the moment.

Our creative side comes out best at night, so we’ll be adding to our ever-growing recipe list, baking our signature sugar-free granola… and most probably getting the midnight munchies for peanut butter smoothie bowls (these honestly never get old!)

Living in Phuket, we’re lucky to be in the land of sunsets, smiles and Thai massages, so a good beach sunset followed by a foot massage before bed always goes down a treat!

Before the day ends, we make sure our NanaBowls are all stocked for the next day of deliveries… we like to keep our tiny army of loyal fans happy, so making sure a lot of love and care goes into our smoothies is probably the most important thing we can do.