London’s first nice cream bar is set to open later this year, and we couldn’t be more excited.

NANABAR are undergoing a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for all the necessary equipment. If you want to find out more about their campaign and help them on their way, you can do so here.

We caught up with Justin, the founder of NANABAR, to find out his inspiration and future plans!

What was the inspiration behind NANABAR?

After relocating to South America in November of last year and giving myself some room to breathe, I had a few realisations. The most important were realising what I’m truly passionate about and what I’m good at – good health and communication. Launching a brand seemed like the perfect way to combine the two, whilst providing value to others!

Why nice cream?

Before NANABAR, I was actually pursuing the idea of creating a range of gourmet trail mixes. As a result, my cupboards were full of all sorts of nuts, puffs, seeds, flakes and dried fruits. I stumbled across the phenomenon that is “nice cream” on Instagram one day and started experimenting with some of the ingredients I had to hand – I dropped the trail mix idea there and then and NANABAR was born. NANABAR will be an environment that represents three core values – health, happiness and honesty – and it just makes more sense to do it with nice cream!

What dietary lifestyle do you follow?

I guess you could say I follow a “clean, plant-based diet” – I’m usually munching on fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, pulses & legumes. Peanuts probably make up the bulk of my diet – at around 200g per day! I’m very active so it’s important to get the calories in.

How did you come to follow a healthy diet?

I was diagnosed with diabetes around 15 years ago at the age of 8. For the first few years I didn’t really know what was going on – I continued to consume foods that were detrimental to my health and I even used my condition as an excuse to not play sports at school. My “health journey” started when I was around 18 and since then it’s become my passion. I think it’s kind of ironic that many of us have to grow up before we start consuming the foods we should have been eating from day one…

NANABAR’s core values are ‘Health, Happiness & Honesty’ – why these three things?

I believe in a healthier, happier and more honest world, and I’m going to do all I can to help make it happen! Nice cream represents the values perfectly – healthy because it’s bananas, happy because it’s nice cream and honest because it’s literally just bananas.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Processed with VSCOcam with acg preset

Do you have a mantra or favourite quote you live by?

“Seize the day.” For me, this represents a whole heap of beliefs, including appreciating the little things, providing value to others, being honest, and treating yourself with respect.

You’re currently crowdfunding for equipment – how can people get involved?

You can get support our campaign by pledging or sharing our page – This link includes a secret perk with 20% off our tees! Every little helps and we’d love to have you involved 🙂 

What flavour combinations can we expect to find when NANABAR opens?

At NANABAR, you’ll have the option to create your own, or choose from a selection of flavours including Peanut Butter Cup, Rocky Road, Coffee & Walnut, Piña Colada, Pecan Pie, Cookies & Cream, Strawberry Shortcake, Chai Chia & The Brazilian.

When will NANABAR be open to the public?

We aim to be open by the end of September!

And finally, what’s your favourite flavour of nice cream?

That’s a tough one… But, I’m going to have to say Pecan Pie or Piña Colada, which are two of the flavours we will be offering at NANABAR. Pecan Pie is pecan butter nice cream drizzled with date caramel and topped with crumbled pecans, quinoa puffs & pumpkin seeds. Piña Colada is pineapple nice cream smothered in cashew cream and topped with coconut flakes, amaranth puffs & crumbled cashews. They are almost too good to be true (or good for you!)