The day we have all been waiting for is finally here, ice cream that you can have for breakfast.

Introducing Nana Nice Cream, a scrumptious dairy-free, gluten-free and totally guilt-free banana based ‘nice cream.’

Professional chef and food blogger Margie Broadhead is thrilled to present her new and unique range of nice creams, filled to the brim with goodness. These 120ml pots of heaven are made up of 100% fruit and vegetables, and absolutely nothing else. With one of your five a day packed inside, these tubs definitely prove nutritious can certainly be delicious!

They believe there is too much importance placed on counting calories, and not enough on counting chemicals. So Nana Nice Cream has zero chemicals, zero additives, and definitely no added sugar either.

In three different flavours; banana and vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, these vegan nice creams are perfect at any time of the day. An exciting breakfast, a great afternoon pick-me-up, a luscious treat or an indulgent pudding, with definitely no guilt attached. Kids? They will be as head over heels with them as you are. Plus, a family tub will be coming soon to keep everyone happy.

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