Nadeballa natural face creams promote healthy skin at every stage of life.

Mother Delara and daughter Natalia hand make their exquisite products, developed from a recipe passed down four generations in Switzerland. The creams use 99% natural ingredients to ensure your skin is nourished, hydrated and safeguarded. Nadeballa see the feeding of your skin to be no less important than the feeding of your body, as your skin is the largest organ of your body. Their creams are freshly made in small bespoke batches with great quality ingredients for natural beauty.

Nadeballa will be at our meet up & networking event on the 8th September. They shared their top three tips for keeping your skin healthy with us.

1. Cleanse your Canvas

Skin needs to be clean but not stripped of its natural oils. My general rule of thumb is to avoid cleansers with strong foaming properties that could upset the natural pH balance of your skin, making it dry and irritated. Natural oil based cleansers are top on my list (we have one launching at the end of this year).

2. Feed and Fortify

All skin needs moisture, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it’s the largest organ of your body absorbing 60% of what you apply to it, so it needs to be fed. Don’t think about just rubbing it on, consider how that might be dragging your skin in the wrong direction. Massage your moisturizer into the skin with a deep circulatory movement putting pressure on the movements up and easing off on the movements down. Avoid the eyes in this massage and tap the product onto them gently. An old wives tale: men age better than women because they work out their skin every time they age.

3. Repair, Renew and Capture Your skins Natural Healing Power

One of the reasons radiance and youth go hand in hand is because in your youth, facial cell renewal happens at a rapid pace, and as you age this process slows down. Stimulate your skin to repair itself. By exfoliating regularly you create mild conditions of controlled injury to the skin that sends a message to the dermis that repair should begin and fresh cells are needed, giving the skin a fresher look.

Finally an extra piece of advice – as and where possible always sleep on your back. Sleeping on your side pushes the skin into various contortions, which as you age will become deep set lines.