If anyone can tell me there’s a better feeling than jumping out of bed on a Monday, happy and excited for the day ahead, I’d have to assume you’re either a liar or into some dodgy illegal stuff.

This is now me pretty much every morning, except maybe those days where I’ve had a tiny bit too much prosecco the night before, and booked myself into a 7am spin class… Not advisable.

Rewind a year though, and the picture was very different.

On the surface everything was going according to The Life Plan; after battling my way back from anorexia, I’d landed my ‘dream job’ in fashion buying and moved to London like I’d always wanted, but something was wrong. I was permanently tired, stressed and dreaded every morning alarm. Although I was recovered from my eating disorder, I knew I still had a less than perfect relationship with food, my anxiety was getting worse, not better, and panic attacks made a nasty reappearance. With no energy for family, friends or fun, my ‘dream life’ was draining my happiness completely.

I happened to pick up a book one day called “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero – ‘how to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life’ it promises, and thought it sounded like something I probably needed. I read it cover to cover in a couple of days and decided there and then that things needed to change. I didn’t know how, or what to do, but something had to happen. I started a blog about the topic I love most, health and fitness, never expecting anybody to read it (I’m not sure anyone does even now to be fair), or for it to lead to anything. But still, it was my little space in the world to write, escape, and think about things that made me happy.

I stumbled across HBC one day on social media, and decided to join. I mean, loads of other people who loved avocados and getting sweaty as much as I do?? Sign me up!

I started to get involved, happy to have found my tribe and began going to some events. I remember hearing Tally Rye, Melissa Weldon and Celia Learmonth talk at one event about their amazing journeys; I spoke to brands, met other bloggers, and felt an overwhelming sense of “this is it, this is what I need to be doing”. I spoke to some amazing people, including the co-founders of Fitssi, the start-up company I now leap out of bed to work for every day, and Melissa, who I’m about to run my 2nd OCR race with as part of the Fempower team.

In the few months after that event, I handed in my notice, left my job in buying, enrolled onto a PT course and qualified as a nutrition coach.

I set up my own little business, now have some lovely nutrition clients, and soon will be a fully qualified PT. The cherry on top of everything came a couple of months ago, when Fitssi got back in touch with me having followed my journey, offering me the opportunity to join their team as Brand Manager. As soon as I spoke to the co-founders about their vision and the company, I fell in love. It’s a social fitness app aiming to empower women with on demand, small group personal training, solving the problem so many women have of training alone in an intimidating gym, getting bored in large classes and not able to afford a PT. It’s something I believe so strongly in, and am super excited to be a part of their journey and to see what will come when we launch in September! Not to mention my job now means building relationships with brands I love, talking to bloggers I’ve followed since the day I started my own blog, and travelling to places I’ve always wanted to go. Somebody pinch me.

Safe to say the anxiety and panic attacks are a thing of the past, and as a result of being so much happier in myself I even feel like my relationship with food has finally healed. I smile every single day, I laugh with my family and friends and I go to bed excited for my alarm to go off again the next morning.

Thank you, HBC, for welcoming me, supporting me and inspiring me. For helping me meet people that I now call my friends and colleagues, and putting a smile back on my face.