I’m Carrie Madormo: a health writer, qualified nurse, and founder of The Healthy Work at Home Mom, your home for raising a healthy body, babies, and business from home.

I began blogging after becoming a mom and realising I no longer wanted to work as a nurse. During my first maternity leave, I started googling ways that nurses could work from home and came across health writing.

I launched a healthy food blog and it led to writing jobs, recipe development gigs, and even some TV appearances!

I created The Healthy Work at Home Mom to provide a home for fellow women who want to work from home in a flexible, sustainable way. My most popular post by far is the one where I explain how I structure my days so that I can make a full time income while being full time with my kids.

I also love following Emily Ley and Lara Casey for inspiration.

Focus on what truly matters.

Create great content that you’re proud of, then get it out there and promote yourself. I used to be obsessed about small details like the colour of the font on my website, but all that did was slow down my progress. Create and promote.

How do you fit blogging into your really busy lifestyle as a mother?

I used to try to completely separate my two worlds, but I think true separation is impossible. Now I weave my work into my life as a mom and it feels much more natural. I wake up earlier than the kids to make a plan for the day and get centered. I will then write during school and nap times. If I need to take a call during the day, my daughter knows (usually) that I need quiet time for a few minutes. It’s always a balancing act, but I love it.

What do you think is one strength of mummy bloggers?

Efficiency! I used to think that being home with my kids meant I was going to be less productive, but it’s truly a strength. I have become so disciplined and no longer waste time when it’s time to work.

What’s the best way to create an outline for an online course?

Sitting down to write a course is overwhelming, so that’s when I break out the post-it notes. I’ll use a different colour for each module and start writing down lessons I know I want to include. Then I can easily rearrange them until it feels right.

What’s the purpose of a ‘start here page’?

I believe a “start here page” is a perfect opportunity for readers to learn what you’re all about without having to click all over your website. We online readers have such short attentions spans, so you really need to spell it out for us. I have a “New here?” page to grab new readers’ attention too.

How do you find other bloggers to collaborate / work with?

I love connecting with fellow bloggers and mamapreneurs. That is something I was missing until this year. I’ve found a lot of success in Facebook groups. I try to pop in everyday and provide real value, not just  to promote myself. I’ve made some great connections that way — and some have even led to writing jobs and collaborations!