What does it take to be a health blogger? Do you have to constantly have a green smoothie in hand, workout five times a week, sprinkle spirulina on everything, and never let a deep-fried chip touch your lips? No, of course not. Even we love a bar of dairy milk chocolate and glass (or three!) of wine. Here to show that being healthy isn’t prescriptive is our team of balanced and beautiful health bloggers, who have kindly agreed to share with us their typical day. {HINT: they’re not balancing bowls of nice cream on their feet whilst doing headstands!}

Ashley from Miss Vegan Flower shares with us her typical day

Meet Ashley

My name is Ashley Dussault and I have always been interested in fitness, health and inspiring others to live happy, healthy lives. I am currently studying fitness and health promotion and will be studying holistic nutrition online as well.

My typical day

My typical day always changes depending on what I am doing for the day. I currently work at a small fitness and cycling studio where I teach group fitness and cycling classes throughout the week.

On a day that I am teaching, my day usually begins with me waking up around 5:30 or 6:00 am and drinking a litre of lemon water mixed with spirulina to get those greens in! Once that is done, I usually hop in the shower and then get ready for the day. I then make my way to the kitchen where I make some type of smoothie bowl topped with everything in my cupboards, haha.

If I know I’m going to work I’ll probably pack a lunch at this time as well (usually oats + pb or a quinoa salad). I’ll then head to work and teach my classes for the day. I’ll also bring some snacks with me such as some fruit or Lara bars (my fav). When I am done at work, usually around 5:30-7:00 depending on the day, I’ll come home and make dinner which usually consists of leftover grains + beans + veggies and a tahini dressing. Or I will cook something from scratch if I’m feeling up to it (vegan chilli, baked sweet potatoes, lentil Dahl, stir fry etc…). Then I’ll always finish the day with dessert because life is too short not to. I usually have a homemade bliss ball or raw dessert.

On a day where I’m not at work, I’ll start the day waking up at around 6:30-7:00 and drink my water again and then have a quick pre workout snack before I hit the gym.  After a good sweat sesh, I come home and make breakfast which is usually a smoothie or smoothie bowl because they’re my fave. After that, I shower and work on editing some photos for Instagram. I try and post about 1-2 times per day to keep it consistent but I have to work with the lighting a bit because I live in Canada and it’s usually always dark in the morning and early at night, haha.

I then work on responding to emails and some other food blogger work until it’s lunch time. I like to stick to having oats for lunch with some fruit + nut butter since it’s quick and easy but also tastes amazing. Lately I have been loving listening to podcasts as well in the afternoon about different nutrition topics (my faves of late are the Rich Roll podcast and No Meat Athlete).

I then have a snack of some fruit or veggies with hummus and plan what I’m making for dinner. I try and eat dinner around 4:30-5:00pm so I can get a nice picture while it’s still nice outside. The rest of the night I spend either reading, watching a movie with family or ending the day with a long walk.

The mantra I live by

Something that has always resonated with me is a quote that I came across a few years ago. It’s simple but so powerful.

You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind

The one thing I can’t live without…

This is going to sound like a typical food blogger but to be honest, I couldn’t live without my high powered blender. I use that thing about 2-3 times a day to make smoothies, smoothie bowls, hummus and so much more.