Premium Nut Butters blended with superfoods: Mindful Bites innovative nut butters were created with both health and indulgence in mind – and, believe it or not, they head straight to each and every health blogger’s heart.

Mindful Bites selects premium and novelty ingredients to create a powerhouse of health with explosive taste.

What makes these butters different? The slow grinding process at low temperature gives our nut butters an incredibly velvety indulgent texture which releases the full burst of flavours slowly.

We believe positive nutrition starts in the mind It’s all about changing behaviours one bite at a time


They blend premium nuts with superfoods (including lucuma and Yacon) to create four unique distinctive creamy nut butters: Almond & Maca Nut Butter, Hazelnut & Berries Nut Butter, Cashew & Baobab Nut Butter, Brazil nut & Cacao Nibs Nut Butter.

All these nutrient-dense (yet indulgent) products are, gluten & dairy free with no added sugars & sweeteners, a natural source of plant-based protein as well as rich in fibre – with no palm oil!

The student-friendly crunchy bites are made of a crispy wafer filled with nut butters.

Fitness blogger will go crazy over the on-the-go mess-free sachets: the top part once torn reveals a little straw from which the nut butter can be eaten directly or make it easy to spread whilst on the go.

Food bloggers will stick a spoon right in the jars for sharing and creating healthy treats

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