Today we get to know one of our incredible influencers from our crew. Get to know Anna and discover how you can join us.

I started Messy Little Vegan when I started going vegan in 2015. Through my veganism I developed a big passion for cooking, baking and food photography, which I share on my Instagram page to inspire people to try the vegan lifestyle.

However since starting with this label two years ago, I have since stopped defining my dietary lifestyle rigidly. As long as it doesn’t contain animal products, I’m a happy camper.

I try to avoid highly processed foods as much as possible, but I have no problem with the occasional naughty treat if it’s vegan.

Another thing I do is intermittent fasting. Some say we’re built to feast and fast and personally I have to say it definitely works well for me. It helps me to avoid overeating and resets my system.

Every day is different, but on an average day I would get up at around 8am. I’ll make myself some coffee and get comfortable on the sofa, read the bible and pray. This is the most important part of my day.

From instagram: @messylittlevegan

After that, I’ll get washed up, put on my makeup and get dressed, prepare my breakfast and shoot a few pictures for Instagram.

I’ll work on whatever project is the most pressing that day. Sometimes that is a food related project such as recipe development, other times it has to do with my other creative projects, such as prop making or musical work.

I have a few pockets of spare time, and in them I ask myself: what could I do now?

If I’m at home, it will be cooking, styling and shooting. When I’m out I’ll edit pictures on my phone or reply to comments and emails or do some research.

At the moment I’m working towards making blogging more of a full-time thing, so having more time in my hands to focus on just that would be great but I’m still transitioning. I would never want to completely give up my other creative outlets, my ADHD brain craves the variety!

Everyone has to start somewhere and we will all have to learn along the way.

One thing that gave me courage was to see the amazing progress some other people have had over time.

Not beating myself up over the numbers on my account but the genuine interaction with the community is what truly keeps me motivated to continue to work on providing better content.

When it’s time for dinner I hope to get a few minutes to spare to take pictures, but sometimes I have to be quick so it might not turn out “instagrammable”.

I love to make this recipe for BBQ Tofu Stir Fried Rice in advance and take it with me when I’m on the go for hours without knowing if I’ll be able to find a place to eat vegan. It’s super satisfying, very low fat and packs a good amount of healthy carbs and protein.

From instagram: @messylittlevegan

Since I do intermittent fasting I won’t be eating again until the next morning, so I always do my best to have a substantial meal before I head out to teach piano and singing for the rest of the day.

I usually come home around 8pm or 9pm and begin my evening pamper routine.

I’ll shower or take a nice Lush bath, remove my makeup, cleanse and moisturise, brush my teeth and get into my cosy pjs, then chill with my boyfriend for the rest of the evening, cosied up on the sofa watching a movie with a cuppa sleepy tea.

I always try to go to sleep before midnight, which is not always easy for me and requires a lot of discipline, but it always pays off to catch some extra shuteye for the next day.

Eat, sleep, conquer, repeat!