If you are a lightworker, a spiritual being, or just really into astrology, you’ve probably heard of Mercury Retrograde before.

Why Nothing is Working

Few things can turn the universe into a ballistic bubble like Mercury in retrograde. This planet rules communication, clear thinking, truth, and travel, so when the planet goes retrograde odd things that may happen.

Lost your credit card? Blame Mercury Retrograde. Fighting with your partner? Oh, hello Mercury Retrograde. Cannot find your plane tickets? I think you got the hint.

Contact lists may disappear, everyone is really angry, traffic sucks, and your website just won’t work. Plans change without warning and your date dumps you for no apparent reason. Such things test the patience of even those with the most Zen.

The planet Mercury will next be in retrograde again on August 13 until September 5.

This year’s retrogrades have occurred from April 9 until the end of May 3 and will return for a final time this year on December 3.

What this means is that Mercury passes earth in its orbit, appearing to stop (station) and spin backward (retrograde). At this time, things go backward in our lives, so it’s always safer not to start something new during this time.

The best bet is to review, repeat, and pause before committing to anything. And of course, be prepared to have technology go completely MIA on you.

Mercury Retrograde for Survivors

This may sound like the time to book that last minute flight to Mallorca. If you’re not prepared, it can be a challenging time, especially as it’s really hard to understand why everyone is suddenly so tense.

However, Mercury retrograde is a great opportunity to handle unfinished business. As the retrograde encourages us to review our path, we can use it to create a clearer vision for the future and review our progress. While retrograde tends to be a time many of us dread, instead of allowing it to work against us, we can make it work for us by practicing mindfulness and to stay balanced.

Come back to your gratitude list, your vision board, and your universe jar. Return to anything that will help you be more mindful and aware.

Is Mercury Retrograde really a thing?

We only think the retrograde is a mayhem of chaos because of the negative connotations that in the spirituality and astrology culture have placed on it.

In reality, it comes down to you.

Do you actually think the retrograde will affect you? If the answer is no, there are plenty of ways to defy the rules for coping.

If you answered yes, then by all means read below.

Here are a few dos and don’ts from the retrograde:
  1. Double-check your appointments, meetings, and phone calls.
  2. Review your own performance and that of people around you.
  3. Leave really early for your appointment, especially if it involves an underground or bus routes.
  4. Don’t overreact to outside suggestions and advice. Always ask for clarification.
  5. Don’t shoot the messenger, especially if it’s a taxi driver stuck in traffic.
  6. Back up everything and check that your online website, emails, and devices work fine.
  7. Pay attention to what you sign, as it may be tricky to tell how it will impact your choices in your work life.
The two weeks before and after a planet turns retrograde are known as “shadow periods,” and they’re essentially transitional phases. In other words, we don’t just snap back to normal after a retrograde. We have to ease out of it.

However, there is no need to dread the retrograde; just proceed with caution, peace, and gratitude. Are you seeing any effects of the current retrograde in your life?