I am a Greek living in London and food is my passion!

I mostly follow a Mediterranean diet, I grew up with these amazing flavors and I learned to cook food the Greek way.

However, living abroad my cooking has been enriched as I had the chance to broaden my culinary horizons, trying new ingredients and techniques. In my everyday life, I seek smart ways of staying healthy doing the right nutritional choices, as the rhythms of life are crazy and you can easily loose your balance.

I want to share everything with you via my personal food blog. There you’ll find inspirational ideas for healthy meals & snacks by capturing my day-to-day recipes made at home with love and care!

I mostly follow the Mediterranean diet, which I would say is also Vegetarian-friendly, as there are lots of vegetable dishes to choose from.

I aspire to follow a healthy diet full of greens and fruits, more white meat and fish and less red meat. I am very well organised, I’ve got my 5-meals-a-day plan ready in advance trying to stick to it by cooking recipes with nutritious ingredients and, of course, very tasty. When it comes to dessert I try to find out ways of healthier choices, avoiding sugar.

From MyNutricalendar

These little tarts are my favorite treat as they’ve got all I want from a healthy snack, oats, nuts, low-fat strained Greek yogurt-y love it- & berries!

All in one. It’s the best way to treat yourself & boost your energy levels for a healthier and stronger you with these delicious tarts.

My day-to-day schedule is quite busy, I work 9-5.30 Monday to Friday. I exercise at least 5-days-a-week, I go to the gym and I play volleyball. I always make my meals myself following a 5-a-day diet.

On weekends I usually rest, I sleep more, I see friends and I spend much time cooking and working on my blog.

My typical weekday starts at 8 am. I have breakfast in the office at around 9 am, my favorite breakfast on week days is overnight oats topped with fresh fruits & nuts! I always carry my lunch bag with me having my meals ready ahead.

I usually do a gym break at 12 pm unless I got volleyball training in the evening (sometimes I do both, too much energy I know). I always have a quick snack before my workout to get some energy, some fruit or nuts.

I have lunch at around 1.30pm which mainly consists of 1/3 protein & 2/3 vegetables. Then I head back to work to get more things done.

When I’m off I have my afternoon snack, it can be my favorite Greek yogurt with berries & honey or in case I’m off to workout it’s most likely a homemade flapjack.

From MyNutricalendar.com

In the evening I try to have dinner before 9 pm. I cook something quick & light for dinner and I also make next day’s breakfast & lunch ahead.

I usually go to bed before midnight. Until that time I like to relax watching a movie or preparing my blog’s content.

I try to keep an eye on social media accounts every now and then within the day.

I’m always thinking of what I will have for lunch/dinner next, it’s all about food in my mind and I keep notes of meal ideas I may have even while on the train!

That’s pretty much it. Busy isn’t it?

“I’m in the process of becoming the best version of myself”

I always work towards this & it covers every aspect of my life, I face everything with a big smile and I look after myself by exercising and adopting a healthier lifestyle and diet.