What does being a health blogger mean to you?

Is it about being the absolute healthiest version of yourself you can possibly be? Or maybe it’s more about being happy on the inside, regardless of your appearance? We asked this question to our community of health bloggers and had an overwhelming response of incredibly unique and enlightening responses. Turns out, being a health blogger is not prescriptive to everyone, it’s not a one-size-fits-all mould or way of definitive lifestyle. Here’s what our community said:

“As I have been faced with angiosarcoma three times in the last two years, my point of view has changed a lot. Originally, I would have told you that being healthy is about eating good food, training in the gym, and that’s all. Since I had to deal with this, I had to face my inner problems. For me, I know that how I feel about myself is more important than what I’m actually eating, or how much I train in the gym. My inner peace is most important. Although I stick to a diet (no dairy, no white sugar, no wheat, and meat only 2-3 meals a week) and do yoga, it is completely my choice, and I believe it helps to keep me healthy.”

–Anita Farkas

“To me, it’s about having a positive relationship with myself through what I eat and do – about being able to have a balanced outlook and not feel restricted through the healthy choices I make (because actually, healthy food is really quite delicious!)”

Josi Trotter

“My understanding of what health is has really expanded in the last few years. Before starting on the journey to get out of pain and into optimal health, I thought being healthy meant eating well and exercising regularly. Now I know that we are so much more than just a body. In order to be healthy and create optimal health we need to look at our subconscious patterns, manage our energy and pay close attention to our relationships. My awareness of what makes us healthy or unhealthy has broadened to include things most people don’t consider, such as clothes, cleaning products and even standard medical practices. I found out that I need to understand how the body works in order to keep it healthy. It is also of the utmost importance to create an environment that supports us at every level. We live in a toxic world, from food full of chemicals to the images and words we are exposed to, and only by becoming aware we will be able to take control of our health.

I started blogging because I wanted to tell people all the things I have discovered in the last 10 years. I think people deserve to know these things. There is such a lack of awareness among the general public. People are getting sick and they don’t know why.”

Amor Santovena

“I love being a health blogger. It allows me to channel into myself and really understand what I want to talk about and discover and research more about the health industry. When I first started, it was mainly to keep me motivated; a way of keeping myself healthy. Now the passion for blogging has continued to grow! I think without blogging, I definitely wouldn’t be the healthy person I am today.

Zoe Norbury

“To me, being a ‘health blogger’ was more of an outlet for me to synthesise what I was discovering along my journey to getting better after a horrible injury. I have struggled with depression most of my adult life and when I had my accident it was actually a life changing thing – for the better! Because it forced me to look at how I was treating myself, and how I was approaching life/relationships/exercise etc EVERYTHING basically. So for me, being healthy is to consider mind, body and spirit equally.

I am especially drawn into the mental health aspect of physical recovery from injuries, as well living a happy life with chronic illnesses. I feel that often this area is overlooked by medical professionals (especially in the UK with NHS funding forever being cut). I find it funny that things like yoga and sensible healthy eating are still considered some sort of latest health craze or fad. They’re just a sensible age old approach to a balanced life that I guess in our digital age we have lost connection with.

Now that I’m in a much better position that I was a year ago, I want to hopefully share my story and let people know that in time, with patience and persistence… things really do get better.”

Katie take care blog

“I started blogging almost by accident – it started off as a platform for me to share my story about my life with migraines. As it progressed, I realised that the knowledge I had gained in order to advocate for myself should also be shared, so that anyone who read my blog could learn about chronic illnesses and help to break down the stigma that those with chronic illnesses are “lazy” or “incapable” of living normal lives. Through my own experiences, I’ve learned that my life is far from generic. I don’t fit into a template of what everyone “should” be doing- and that’s what I try to talk about on my blog. I’m 19, and yet I’ve already had experiences that most teenagers never experience until much later in their lives.

Even though sharing personal things about my life is hard (I just wrote a post about my memory loss, which was not a walk in the park to write about), as a health blogger I feel like it’s my duty to help other people with chronic illnesses not feel embarrassed or guilty about their chronic illnesses. No one should ever feel like they can’t talk about their illness, whether it’s to family, friends or even doctors. For me, being a health blogger is about showing a different way of life, one that’s not picture perfect or glamorous. It’s actually pretty messy, but it’s also beautiful. I strive to find positivity in my life and to keep going despite what my life throws at me, and that’s what I try and do with my blog.”

Ellie Donner-Klein

“For me its continuing to create content via videos, and articles and social media posts that inspire organic healthy living ranging from nourishing recipes, inspirational quotes, natural beauty, wellness and fitness tips, book and healthy product reviews as well as interviews of fellow health bloggers that inspire the community!”

– Ashley Siedentopf