Self care simply means making yourself a top priority.

By putting yourself first, you will experience tremendous emotional, physical and mental health benefits. In my experience, when I take care of myself, I feel more balanced, I’m less prone to cold, flu and infections, less stressed and, ultimately, I feel more vibrant, energetic, and happy. Many people sacrifice their self care in the modern day world due to the stresses of daily life — having a hectic schedule, over working, and essentially taking on too much — which can leave us feeling sick, tired, stressed and uncared for.

Self care is simply the best health care you can do, and self care is vital to our health, beauty and wellbeing. If we pile too much on our plate and always put loved ones first, eventually we just end up feeling burnt out, stressed, resentful and plain old imbalanced.

 Here are my top 5 tips on how to make self care a priority:

Find an activity you love

Finding an activity you enjoy like yoga, pilates, or running will give you time to switch off and sweat at the same time. When you put exercise in the diary 2-3x a week it will not only give you an hour of solid ‘me’ time, but it will help you breathe, burn fat, and boost your metabolism, giving you a hit of those feel good hormones. Treat your activities like important appointments and ensure that no matter what, you get those times just for you and the mat or the machine.


Meditation has a profound, rich and calming effect on your overall health and wellbeing. It can help to clear your mind and encourage feelings of peace, as well as a better sense of awareness. It helps you tap into an abundance of creative energy that will enrich your life and give you a more meaningful experience. When you set aside time for meditation you naturally boost clarity, creativity and reduce stress and you just need to do as little as ten minutes a day to reap these wonderful benefits. Waking up 20 minutes earlier will ensure you get those extra minutes of calm before the day starts.

Learn to say no 

Saying yes to every social engagement, event or outing is only going to leave you feeling stressed out as being constantly busy slowly sucks the life out of you. Over-scheduling and saying yes to everything lowers your sense of living fully in the moment — it can also get very tiring! If you feel like you “have” to do something or see someone, or if the thought of going to an engagement doesn’t give a feeling of joy, it may mean that it doesn’t not really mean a lot to you. Time is precious to us, so only make time for the people, places and things that really matter to you.

Enjoy solo time

Make time for YOU. You’re the only person who is always going to be in your life, so it’s time you start looking after yourself. Whether it’s booking a massage, tucking into a good novel, or enjoying a bubble bath, by improving your relationship with yourself, you will improve relationships with others as well.

Remember how amazing you are

By affirming every day how amazing you are, you naturally give yourself an inner boost of confidence and clarity. Self love and self belief are both forms of self care. By making the relationship with yourself your number one priority, learning to love and embrace everything about you, and believing in yourself and your ability to achieve whatever it is you want to do in this world, you will encourage your mindset to spend more time in self care, self love and self belief mode.

From this day forward try to remind yourself the importance self care. Slow down, prioritise yourself, be mindful of your thoughts, actions and deeds, rest when you need to, attend to comfort, get support and simply just be here now. Put yourself first: create a healthy your relationship with yourself and your health and happiness will thrive in all areas of your life.