Today we explore how to make the most of Instagram’s new feature. If you’d like more tips and ideas on how to grow your blog, why don’t you enrol in our latest round of the Blogging MBA, starting October 3rd?

Well Instagram, you thought we wouldn’t notice, didn’t you?

Instagram now allows you to share stories – aka content that will disappear after 24 hours. Does it sound familiar?
The new feature is very similar to Live Stories on Snapchat. Snapchat launched Live Stories in 2014. Now, before you start blaming Instagram for stealing ideas, let’s face the facts: whether it’s Facebook using its messenger as a WhatsApp look-a-like, or Twitter adopting a Facebook-style timeline algorithm – social networks borrow from each other all the time.

Despite being submerged by memes about the remarkable similarity to the rival Snapchat – and always being welcomed with slight skepticism on Twitter – more and more people are jumping on the stories wagon – if anything, as a way to share their own Snapchat profile (true story).

Instagram said that users “don’t have to worry about overposting. Instead, you can share as much as you want throughout the day – with as much creativity as you want.”

All right, let’s say as a blogger you are ready to buy into the ‘next best thing’: how can you make ‘Instagram stories’ work for you?

The positive of this is that Instagram is already one of the main channels for bloggers worldwide – so you can easily reach your followers in a more personal and ‘behind the scenes’ way. Especially if your Snapchat count is still slowly increasing, you have another opportunity to get up-close and personal with your audience

Remember a ‘story’ disappears for good after 24 hours, and users can subscribe to stories from their friends.

When it comes to the stories, you have more filter options (hooray!) and there are also more options with the drawing tools  – you can make your drawings look like neon lights – which does have its appeal, let’s be honest.

You can click on the little bubbles at the top of your app, or even access stories through a user profile.

To create a story you can follow four easy steps:

  1. Tap the plus button on the top left-hand side of your home screen, or swipe left in your feed – yup, you read it right.
  2. Tap the circle button to take photos or tap and hold to record a video. If you’d like to upload, swipe down on the screen and choose your videos or photos.
  3. Edit the photos or videos with text or add a drawing. There are three types of pens – the third one makes your sketch look like a neon sign.
  4. Tap Done to save your story and the checkmark button to share it.

How to use Instagram Stories

  • Share a brand new announcement for your blog.
  • Organise a flash giveaway to your followers.
  • Use it to have fun 24h Q&As with followers and readers.
  • Show the making of / behind the scenes of a recipe / workout.
  • Simply share moments of your every day life – from the adventures of your cat to zoat-prepping in the morning.

What about you, how are you going to use Instagram stories for your blog? If you’d like more tips and ideas on how to grow your blog, why don’t you enrol in our latest round of the Blogging MBA starting October 3rd.