The 2018 HBC Summit taught us a lot – and when we say a lot, we mean it. So much so that it took us a long while to find the time to write how overwhelmingly incredible the event has been.

In our eyes, the Summit was a real cornerstone event, as it showed us how quickly the industry has been changing, evolving and growing.

We hope that this can be the beginning of a time of growth, transparency and increased awareness of influence and how it can positively impact the health and wellbeing of the audiences.

From us, to you, all we can say is to really believe in yourself, believe in your passion, believe in people and fight to become the incredible human you are meant to be.

Credit: @annarachphotography

In our roundup you can find some of the most impactful quotes from the day:

Reclaim Your Day Off panel with Rhiannon Lambert and Shona Vertue

Rhiannon Lambert
‘It’s essential to have a support network when it comes to self-care’
‘Can I just big up the freezer and the microwave? There are a lot of myths that they destroy nutrients, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Meal prep – diarise it in and use them!’
‘Screens block the hormones, the signals, the feedback loop from your brain to your gut, so it inhibits the digestive process. My best advice is for alleviating symptoms is to be in the moment and chew your food.’

Shona Vertue
‘Organise and prioritise to ensure you get exercise and good health into your life’
‘Hashtag no days off! If you’re running your own business you will be doing something for it every single day. But you still need to schedule in time for you, even if it’s just a few minutes or hours.’
‘Take regular intervals throughout the day – accumulatively they’ll make up for not having a full day off’

Your Career in Wellness panel with Romy London, Laura Hoggins, Sarah Malcolm and Sophie Clyde-Smith

Romy London
‘Work out where you are, then work out where you want to be, and take small practical steps towards that goal – it won’t happen over night’

Laura Hoggins
‘My vibe has attracted my tribe’

Sarah Malcolm
‘Trust in timing’
‘Make friends and connections with people who are moving in the same direction as you, it will give you such a boost’

Sophie Clyde-Smith
‘Showcase your passion to potential employers – add your blog url to your CV’

Beyond the Mat – A Conversation with Fitness Influencers with Lauren Tickner, Flora Beverley, Lucy Mountain and Hannah Rose Cluley

Lauren Tickner
‘In life I don’t think you should necessarily regret anything, there’s always an opportunity to learn. I don’t regret previous brand collaborations, even if in hindsight they weren’t aligned with my message’

Flora Beverley
‘If a brand has approached you and their message doesn’t align with yours, it’s a chance to discuss that message and perhaps be influential in changing or updating it in some way’

Lucy Mountain
‘It’s important to remember we’re all allowed our own opinions and our own voice – there’s no point creating the perfect caption if it doesn’t represent who you are and what you stand for.’

Credit: @annarachphotography

Psychology of Food panel with Mel Wells, Lily Soutter, Rachel Evans and Sophie Bertrand

Mel Wells
‘Guilt is something you decide to feel due to your relationship with a particular food – it’s important to address that emotion’

Rachel Evans
‘Always prioritise your health when sharing your story and never post as a result of perceived pressure – the blog articles and social posts can wait’

Sophie Bertrand
‘You are so much more than how much you weigh and your health is much more important than your weight – a number on a scale will never equal happiness’

Doctors with Influence panel with Hazel Wallace, Lilani Abeywickrama, Anjali Mahto and Rupy Aujla

Hazel Wallace
‘Everything we put online is traceable – remember this as a filter whenever you press send on a social post’

Anjali Mahto
‘If you’re a doctor looking to get started on social media, just make sure your advice is evidence based’

The Future of Content panel with Yanar Alkayat and Alice Audley

Yanar Alkayat
‘It’s all about 360 content – one interview that has a multilayered and multichannel approach’
Healthista – ‘People are responding to in-depth articles that we’re doing. The stats are phenomenal and they’re long form reads. Long form is not dead’

Alice Audley
‘It’s all about trial and error, it’s never overnight success’

Tribe Influencer Marketing Masterclass with Lisa Targett

Lisa Targett
‘Influencers are getting better and better. It’s important not to be stagnant in what you deliver to brands’


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