We all love waking up early right? Wrong, but it can be made a little more bearable with a lovely bowl of warm and nutritious porridge. I have been experimenting with lots of different porridge combinations recently and it is wonderful how just a little freshly squeezed fruit juice can change the flavour of your morning oats. Mostly I pimp out my porridge with protein powders, oodles of superfoods, nut milks, chocolate etc. but until a week ago I had never tried using fresh fruit juice.

I can confirm that blended raspberries, strawberries (basically any type of berry) is damn good, fresh orange juice and chocolate is a sweet little combination, lemon juice and desiccated coconut is just beautiful, freshly juiced apple with some cinnamon is a great wintry number, but my favourite was a simple mandarin and maca recipe that I will share with you lovely lot.

Serves 1


½ cup of oats
½ cup of almond milk
1 mandarin (juice & zest)
1 tbsp. of honey
1tbsp. of maca


 I like soaking my oats overnight even when I plan to cook them because the oats soak up far more liquid and become delightfully soft. You don’t have to do this but combine your oats and milk and either leave overnight or place straight on the hob, on a low-medium heat. Leave to cook until your desired consistency is reached, I personally like really thick creamy oats but I know plenty of people who prefer their porridge a little more runny. When your oats are ready, stir through your maca, honey, grated mandarin and juice.

If you fancy making your porridge a little more sophisticated get another mandarin, peel and separate the wedges, then add to a saucepan. Cover in a little water, add 1 tbsp. of honey and a dash of vanilla essence. Put on a low-medium heat and simmer until the mixture turns into a lovely mandarin compote (stirring occasionally). Pour this over your porridge for a truly scrumptious and fruity start to your day.