The #lovewhoyouare campaign is something that I have put together to bring women together and tell their stories to their followers about their journey to becoming body positive.

Image: @healthier_leila

“I love who I see in this picture! The person I have become accepting myself for who I am, living my best life! Accepting that no one is perfect and that I strive to be strong, powerful and beautiful in MY own skin!⠀

You’ll probably be looking at this photo thinking 🤔 she makes it look so easy…. no it’s not easy, it’s hard, it’s hard to believe in yourself it’s hard to truly love who you are. It’s even harder to not compare yourself to others.⠀

But let me tell you one thing, it’s the most empowering, life changing feeling in the world. To feel comfortable being YOU. To finally be HAPPY! “

(from Instagram @healthier_leila)

We all attended a photo shoot that took place in London at the weekend and the campaign has now rolled out through Instagram.

Each girl has been sharing their stories about their experiences on becoming conformable within their skins, all from different backgrounds and ages these women are aiming to empower and inspire as many women as possible.