What does it take to be a health blogger? Do you have to constantly have a green smoothie in hand, workout five times a week, sprinkle spirulina on everything, and never let a deep-fried chip touch your lips? No, of course not. Even we love a bar of dairy milk chocolate and glass (or three!) of wine. Here to show that being healthy isn’t prescriptive is our team of balanced and beautiful health bloggers, who have kindly agreed to share with us their typical day. {HINT: they’re not balancing bowls of nice cream on their feet whilst doing headstands!}

Tomilola from London Vegan Blog shares with us her typical day

Meet Tomilola

I guess I would refer to myself as reserved, particularly when I’m around people. I watch others and speak in accordance. I guess it’s just become a habit. Now I let others do the talking and have the conversation in my head as opposed to voicing my opinions.

My typical day

My day starts pretty early – I’m up by 5am. But of course like any other health blogger, the first thing I do is drink my litre of cold water! I then grab two bananas for my pre-workout snack and get cracking with my workout. I use Fitness Blender on YouTube, they’re great and have changed my fitness journey for good. Once that’s all done, I take a shower, get fresh and head to the kitchen as I’m starving by this point. My post-workout meal (aka breakfast)  is usually carb heavy but I also ensure to add the other macros. I like to go for spiced molasses oatmeal topped with fruit, cacao nibs, chia seeds and tahini.

Lunch is usually two to three hours later, I go for something light as a heavy meal midday slows me down. If you follow my Instagram you’ll know I usually have homemade sweet potato and normal potato chips accompanied by either hummus or fresh guacamole. But lately what I tend to have is a Buddha bowl – vegan style, of course! They usually consist of a grain, like jasmine rice or bulgur wheat (my latest love), green lentils, roasted plantain and sliced up avocado.

My dinner’s also early;  I’m in bed by 8-9pm so having dinner at 5-6pm is perfect for a good night’s sleep. Dinner is when I have the most fun, and it changes from day to day. Some days I make vegan burgers or I have a hearty stir fry depending on what my taste buds are feeling like. One thing’s for sure: I end my day with a treat; usually one of my homemade baked treats. Throughout the day I drink 3-4 litres of water alongside a cup of herbal tea. My favourites are peppermint, chamomile, ginger and lemon.

I spend my evening organising for the following day and trying to relax. I force myself to stop working at 6pm and use the remainder of the evening to unwind. An hour before bed I disconnect all electronics and spend time journaling, cleaning and just being alone with myself. I find this the best way to calm my mind thus ensuring quality sleep. Like I said earlier I like to get a head start!

The mantra I live by

Would I be content and or happy if I died today?

The one thing I can’t live without…

A good night’s sleep