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At Live Limitless, we’re all about balance. We know that some days you’re raring to spring out of bed at 6am for that epic spin class, whilst on others, you want to chill and eat your own weight in Dairy Milk watching reality TV. What if there was a brand that had your back when health and fitness collide with real life? Well, we’re just that! Our supplements are designed to help eliminate guilt and let you enjoy food with freedom. 

Our extensively patented, plant-based supplements are on a mission to help develop a healthier life balance by offering products that will maximise your workouts and metabolism, cleanse your body of toxins, and help to minimise the calorific impact of those treats.

When you are feeling ready to work up a sweat, our Live Lean product is your saviour. The perfect pre-workout to help you go the extra mile and smash that extra set. A modern-day performance enhancer, Live Lean features a vegan complex of vitamins and minerals that will raise your metabolism and elevate energy levels without any unpleasant side effects.

For those days when you’re raring to go, where in London can you get your workout on? We’ve rounded up our top picks of the month. From kickboxing to exercising your mind, get ready to experience the best the capital has to offer.

The rise of kick-boxing studios

London has seen the rise of boxing-inspired boutique studios over the past few years, so it was only time before kick-boxing had its moment of glory.

Thanks to the new concept Flykick, kick-boxing is due to have the spotlight it deserves. A new boutique fitness studio in London, Flykick combines kickboxing-inspired training on a bag with a serious HIIT session.

‘Flykick Formula’ is a combination of full-body HIIT circuit, mobility and kickboxing moves. You’ll get to practice your jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts, as well as front kicks and roundhouse kicks.

You can now get FlyKick special launch offer: 3 classes plus Flykick gloves for only £20

Meet us at the (Define) Bar

Born as a fully online workout solution, Define London has now opened its first London studio and is already taking the capital by storm.

The unique classes, using body-burning, stretching and strengthening systems, combine strength training and cardio so not only are you burning fat you are building long lean muscle.

Just opened in Fitzrovia this month, the studio is quickly growing its fan base thanks to its popular barre classes. When the expression “meet me at the bar” could not be more appropriate.

Exercising for the mind

It was bound to happen, wasn’t it? As busy Londoners realise the importance of working their body, a workout for our wired minds was, well, the next natural step.

Welcome to Cerebral Gym. The brainchild of James Vogl, former professional backgammon and poker player, Cerebral Gym is looking to challenge your mind via engaging sessions, debates, and tailored events. No, we are not talking about gut-boosting health panels. Think strategy sessions with world-class chess player, Russian opera performances or simply resetting in their “podcast and chill” room.

Save the date for your calendar, as Cerebral Gym will launch with a full-day event on Sunday 13th May – more info and details on their website.

And after all that hard work, if you fancy a slice of pizza to congratulate yourself, fear not.   Limitless is the best companion for your workouts, as it will support you by staying on track with your goals.

So what are you waiting for? Live Limitless in London this month.

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