There are a few occurrences worth spotlighting for this International Women’s Day – including, but not limited to, international Waffle Day, national Oreo Cookie Day, Spring Solstice and International Women’s Day.

So in honor of the international holiday, Penguin announced the opening of a pop-up bookstore in London called The Like a Woman Bookshop – and yes, it will only stock titles by women.

The space will showcase incredible female figures who have made a difference or fought for change #LikeAWoman: contributing to progress in politics, activism, writing, art, science, sports, culture, and more.

Zainab Juma, Creative Manager at Penguin Random House, said:

“Women’s voices being heard and taken seriously is key to achieving gender equality, and with The Like A Woman Bookshop we’re making room for those voices to be elevated and celebrated. We’re creating a space where readers can look to incredible writers, activists and pioneers for the inspiration to go forward and make change like a woman.”

In a remarkably clever stunt, it will group together titles not just by genre or category but by the impact the author has had on culture, history or society, including ‘Essential feminist reads’, ‘Inspiring young readers’, ‘Women to watch’, ‘Your body’ and ‘Changemakers’.

The bookshop will host a series of Penguin Live events to showcase some of the most exciting contemporary British female voices and donate resulting proceeds to Solace Women’s Aid, a London-based initiative that supports more 11,000 survivors of domestic abuse annually.

You can head to The Like A Woman Bookshop at 1-3 Rivington Street in Shoreditch, East London from the 5th to the 9th March.