Libby from Libby’s Health Bites shares with us her typical day

I’m a 23 year old health foodie from Oxford, England. Qualified fitness and spinning instructor; I love to eat well and make delicious dishes that not only me, but others can enjoy.

My typical day

6am: alarm goes off! I am normally awful for 10 seconds but then happy to get up and get on with the day. I head straight to the gym; I always think morning workouts are better for me so where possible I go before work.

My workout schedule varies, between BBG workouts, HIIT (High Intensity Interval training) and then lower body focused weight sessions. I think it’s important to keep it varied else I get complacent, so I do try and mix it up each week.

Post workout, I hit the shower and then get on my way to work. I often eat in the car, my job involves lots of travelling to different offices so it can be a commute of anything from 20 mins to 2 hours! I tend to pack a breakfast to eat on the way or when I arrive.

“My workout schedule varies… I think it’s important to keep it varied else I get complacent”

Working on client sites means you never know what food or drink options are available, so you will always find me with my Tupperware packed lunch and always a healthy snack bar or two in my handbag.

Once the working day is over, I head home and catch up with my boyfriend on his day. Open the fridge and look for a nice dinner idea – I personally don’t shop for recipes with food shopping and instead buy all my favourite fresh fruit and vegetables and then think of recipe inspiration during the day for that night’s dinner.

I love yoga and especially hot yoga, so any chance I get I will head to a class at my local studio. I find it a great way to find headspace for an hour and a half and the benefits of increased flexibility and strength are also great.

After dinner I prep the following day’s breakfast and lunch, and then head to bed, sometimes with more work in the process if it’s a busy time at work. I would rather do a few hours at home than miss my morning gym session!

My favourite quote


As cringe as it is, I often think this in my head. In times where I want to jump at the chance of something but money/friends/worries are holding me back, I think this and question in 30 years what would I wish my former self-had done in that position.