Amanda Cook is a digital marketer, health coach, host of The Wellpreneur Podcast, and author of Wellpreneur: The Ultimate Guide for Wellness Entrepreneurs to Nail Your Niche and Find Clients Online.

She has interviewed more than 120 successful wellness entrepreneurs about how they built healthy businesses online, and has spoken at events on five continents. Her work has appeared in The Huffington Post UK, The Sunday Telegraph, Natural Health Magazine, MindBodyGreen, TinyBuddha and Copyblogger. Amanda teaches wellness entrepreneurs around the world to grow their business through digital marketing in her Wellpreneur Marketing Bootcamp, and lives in London and Hong Kong.

Email marketing can be tough, and it’s essential to be prepared: fail to plan, plan to fail!

You have to be consistent! So many bloggers are excited to start an email list and send a flurry of emails — and then end up stopping for months, until they need to sell something and start emailing again. This isn’t an effective way to build a relationship with your audience! Just like your content, you need to show up consistently in email.

I started working with wellpreneurs as a creative outlet from my corporate job! I started a natural beauty blog back in 2010, just to share what I was learning.

When it comes to marketing, what do you find it the most common myth in finding your niche and communicating with them?

New bloggers feel really restricted by selecting a niche.  The two things I hear most are “But I can help lots of people!” and “I don’t want to only talk about this topic, I have lots of interests!”  The crazy thing is, that by narrowing down your topic for awhile, you build traction and audience faster! And then once you have an audience, you can expand into other areas.

I recommend choosing a 6-Month Target Market, where you commit 100% to blogging/communicating around a specific topic for sox months.  Then you can reassess whether you want to keep going with that or shift.  But you’ve got to commit for at least six months to give yourself a chance to be successful!  

I write about this approach in detail in my book Wellpreneur.

How do you find wellpreneurs differ from other business owners when it comes to their marketing strategies?

Commonly with marketing, you want to address people’s secret desires or hidden fears.  The problem in health and wellness marketing is that SO many people just do fear based marketing (all that negative talk about “belly fat” and being more attractive to your partner etc). Recently I’m seeing more and more wellpreneurs really turned off by this trend of negative marketing.  They’re looking for something new, fresh and positive.  So I think as wellpreneurs, we really need to step up and try something different.  Sure, if you make someone feel insecure about their body, they’ll probably buy your “miracle cure” … but is that the vibe you really want to be putting out in the world?  Do you want to be attracting only insecure, desperate clients?  I think we need to shift more towards dreams, desires, aspirations — painting a picture of what is possible for our customers and clients in our marketing.

In such a saturated market, how can wellpreneurs stand out from the crowd?

It’s so trite, but you’ve got to be yourself.

You just won’t be successful if you’re trying to copy the style and voice of bigger, more established wellpreneurs.

I truly believe there are more than enough clients to go around — just look at the state of wellbeing in the world — people need our help!  So you just need to put out your own content and trust that your people will be attracted to you and come into your community.

Also – consistency.  I’ve seen that over the years.  You’ve got to be in it for the long game, and produce content consistently if you want to build a business online (and not just be a flash in the pan one hit wonder!)

Is there one example of someone you’d consider very successful that comes to mind?

I just interviewed Shawn Stevenson from The Model Health Show — the top health podcast on iTunes.  I love his story because he started working with clients 1:1 as a nutritionist, but eventually wanted a way to scale his message so he started a podcast.  After a year of hardly any listener growth, his show really hit the tipping point and now he gets over 1 Million downloads per month and travels around the world to speak with entrepreneurs about wellness.  There are numerous examples of successful wellpreneurs I’ve interviewed (JJ Virgin, Mark Sisson, Betty Rocker, Sean Croxton, Leonie Dawson), but what I loved about Shawn is that he has this huge platform and is a major influencer now, but he’s still running most of his business with himself and his wife.  You can create a huge impact in the world and a really healthy income without having to build a big team or business if you don’t want to.  

When it comes to my own podcasts, I have one I am particularly fond of…

After 3 years, this is my very favourite podcast episode. I’m talking with the founder of Food Matters, and our conversation turned towards belief and how important it is in life (and blogging!).

As a coach, I help health and wellness entrepreneurs bring more of the right people to their website and turn them into paying clients! Check out my book ‘Wellpreneur‘ — it walks you step by step through how to turn website visitors into paying clients – with email marketing as one of the key tools!