On Saturday 2nd December, the Health Bloggers Community will be hosting two exciting Brunch & Photography workshops in collaboration with PRESS and Anna Rachel Photography.

Made up of a mix of theory and practical tasks, you will learn to take drool-worthy pictures and still-life shots with personality to truly master the art of taking photos of your blog and Instagram feed.

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“What’s better than spending an afternoon with @annarachphotography sharing her valuable tips & tricks covering setup, light, editing and much more!  All good stuff and most importantly actual instructions on how to set up my camera to shoot using manual mode, much appreciated Anna! I finally know what those little buttons on my camera are for! I can’t wait to put all this into practice!  @hbloggerscom @webeshot thank you for organising this cool workshop! I look forward to the next one, and if its one specifically for photography, even better! Here’s the best of my SHOT granola shots taken during the event! This delicious granola ended up in my belly! To be honest, it was the only reason why I was a bit impatient for the workshop to finish..to eat my granola!! Makes sense, right?”

Our partner PRESS will be providing you with their delicious and nutritious food and cold-pressed juices to style, prop and experiment with… and of course, eat! Lily Soutter, in-house nutritionist BSc (hons) at PRESS, will also be on hand to educate you on the health benefits of various PRESS juices and shakes as well as answer your most pressing nutrition questions.

 A few of the things you’ll learn in this workshop:

  • The basics of creating outstanding photos
  • How to find the right props
  • How to make the most of the lighting, and tools to help you
  • Filters, editing and basic tricks to find your style

There will be two slots you can book into:

First slot will run between 10am – 12pm
Second slot will run between 12.15pm – 14.15pm


About our Teacher:

Anna is a photographer with a passion for the health and fitness industry, this can include food, products or any sports that increase the heart rate generally making people healthier and happier.

“If I can capture these moments and share them it often opens people’s eyes up to a spot they walk past every day. However, when it’s raining and pouring outside I love a good product shoot using a wide aperture (a technical term for a blurry background). Especially if the company I’m shooting for promotes a healthy lifestyle or living zero waste, something I’m very passionate about.”

Read our interview with Anna here:  Running with the Camera in one Hand with Anna Rachel Photography