We’re hanging out with one of our best buddies on the interwebs, welltodo mag!

Welltodo is a brilliant resource for anybody wanting to keep on top of the latest health & fitness trends across the capital. We had a chat with Editor-in-Chief Lauren Armes about the wonderful world of wellness that’s taken London by storm (that was a lot of W’s!), as well as how hbloggers can get involved with the site as it charters exciting new territories.

Hi Lauren! For those of us unfamiliar to your site, describe welltodo London in one sentence.

welltodo London is a celebration of the evolution of London’s wellness culture. It’s an online publication designed to inspire healthier lifestyle choices by making the best of what London has to offer, really accessible. Sorry, that was two sentences!

Can you tell us a bit more about the different topics covered on the site?

In a nutshell, we cover food, fitness, fashion and travel – all geographically specific to Londoners. The food section is all about new places to eat and drink in London, great new wellness brands making eating well more fun, events, and offering a selection of nourishing recipes. We also have a close finger on the pulse of London’s emerging boutique fitness sector – given that boring, run-of-the-mill gym sessions are making way for fantastic new and dynamic fitness methods like barre, spinning and HIIT. Fashion kind of ties it all together, since we’re big on being ready for anything. That’s why activewear, in our opinion, is the most functional dress code ever. Finally, welltodo London is about taking your healthy habits wherever you go, so we also offer a growing number of city guides. With welltodo Jetsetter, leaving London doesn’t mean leaving behind all the good stuff that makes us glow!

What are the biggest new health trends you’ve seen for 2015 so far?

Boutique fitness is a huge one. With the opening of Barry’s East, 1Rebel, the expansion of Barrecore and launch of Xtend Barre, and rumours that Soul Cycle is about to hit London, it’s obvious that something big is happening here (finally!!). On par with this, is the cold-pressed juice revolution. At last count, we had 56 brands on our radar, a third of which have a physical ‘juice bar’ presence in London. That’s incredible growth since there were only three players in the market 18 months ago. The third trend we’re seeing slowly build momentum, is natural beauty… which is something we see as the missing link. Working out and eating well is a great start, but let’s stop rubbing chemicals all over our largest organ and get clued up on what many cosmetics contain. Finally – in this crazy urban lifestyle – we’re all beginning to realise that we need to slow down and be more mindful. Mindfulness, meditation and yoga will all receive a lot of attention this year; since we’re tuning in to the real impacts of oxidised stress and anxiety.

Are there any opportunities for bloggers to collaborate with welltodo London?

Yes, certainly. Health bloggers are part of our life blood. So we’re open to collaborations in any form and really encourage the sharing of ideas and stories. Reach out if you’ve got a great idea or would like to work with welltodo London.

What would be your biggest piece of advice for health bloggers?

Don’t waste time comparing yourself to, or measuring yourself against others. The only way to succeed is to show up, every day, consistently, being authentically you, and believing that your dedication and determination will see you through to the end goal. Just keep that end goal in sight.

What can we expect from welltodo London in 2015? 

Big, high frequency things. We’ve seen a tremendous response and received amazing feedback, which is why we’re moving beyond just being an online publication, with some exciting developments rolling out over the next few months. We’re shooting for game changing status; something that will take London’s wellness culture to the next level. Watch this space!

Photo credit Samee Lapham